Chanting the Six-Syllable Mantra will bring tremendous benefits, but can it also bring wealth?

This short video not only contains the answer but also reveals a bigger secret: it turns out that money will also look for its owners, and these owners all have a common trait. What is the trait, and how can you develop it? Please watch the short video, and Grandmaster JinBodhi will tell you.

【You will learn】

  • Chanting methods that make it easier to become rich
  • The wealthy secret of rich people

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Only by chanting mantras with a generous and giving heart and without greed can you become rich.
  • From no compassion to fake compassion and finally genuine compassion is the process of learning and elevating.


Chanting the 6-Syllable Mantra brings many benefits. Remember, do not have selfish thoughts when chanting. Don’t keep chanting “Make me rich”. It doesn’t work that way.

Actually, it is not a crime, as we all need money to survive. For me, chanting with a giving heart is how you will become rich. If you chant with greed, you will never become rich. The harder you chant “Make me rich”, the harder it is for you to become rich.

Heaven bestows wealth on those who are compassionate, not greedy. This is to ensure that wealth will be shared with others. What if wealth is bestowed on stingy people? If there is 1 billion dollars in the world, a stingy person would hoard 100 million. In this case, people receive less when money is shared.

The one who is destined to receive it, will get it. He is the one whose most compassionate and has the greatest merits. This person will distribute their wealth to all those in need at the right time. People who embrace compassion are destined to be the world’s richest. That is the Law of Nature, based on my experience. So if you want to be rich, at least pretend to be compassionate when chanting.

I expect people will be asking, “How can you teach your disciples that?” Well, with a Master like me, how noble can my disciples be? Like you, I am just an ordinary man. But I have heard many true stories throughout my life. Many people began by pretending to be compassionate. Their fakeness soon became reality and now they are All-Compassionate.

It is like walking alone in a dark place. When you have no choice, what do you do? You try to act tough, right? After walking there a few more times, you eventually become less scared. You can have no compassion at all, then become an All-Compassionate person. It is all psychological, an elevation of the mind, and a learning process.

When you are young, you brag about how peaceful, loving and compassionate you are. If you shed tears for starving people and offer food daily, I will believe you are a reincarnated Buddha. If not, then you are just an ordinary person. That is not wrong; it is totally fine.

Liberation is the elevation of a layman to an All-Compassionate saint. It is a transformational process. Everyone needs such a transformation, but not everyone gets it. Because you are learning from me, I am sharing my experiences with you.