A poor boy, wanting to ascend to Heaven with his mother in the future, decides to offer 500 gold coins to the Buddha and his disciples. However, this amount is a huge sum for him. How does he manage to raise the money? Miraculously, he not only gathers the money but also experiences a miracle on the day of the offering. After completing the offering, something unexpected happens, transforming him from a poor boy to a wealthy one instantly.

What’s the story behind this? Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi recount this tale, filled with life wisdom and spiritual insights.

【You will learn】

  • What does “cultivate fortune and wisdom” mean?
  • The requirements to obtain merits and make great achievements.

【Featured aphorism】

  • Seize all chances to benefit and guide all sentient beings.
  • One way to help others and gain immeasurable merits is by guiding them to do good deeds.
    Helping others by teaching them brings the most merits.
  • Only with sincerity can we connect with the divine.
  • A sincere aspiration brings the divine to our aid.
  • True practitioners help others naturally and do not force themselves to do so.
  • True compassion comes from the heart.
  • All the wonderful things in life are called “fortune,” and the state of enlightenment is “wisdom.”
  • Cultivate both fortune and wisdom.