Maudgalyayana, one of Buddha’s esteemed disciples, sought to enlighten his miserly brother by teaching him the virtue of generosity. Did his brother heed his words? Can acts of giving bring immediate earthly wealth? With compelling storytelling, Grandmaster JinBodhi unfolds this tale of transformation and spiritual insight.

【You will learn】

  • Understanding the manifestation of blessings
  • The law of karma and its consequences
  • Methods of cultivating auspicious destinies

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Each person’s karma is unique, leading to unique manifestations of blessings.
  • Life’s fortunes and misfortunes are reflections of one’s karma.
  • Karma is inherently neither good nor bad. The nature of the action, be it good or bad, creates corresponding karma.
  • Everyone’s karma is stored in the “karma bank.” Like shadows, our karma follows us regardless of its nature.
  • People who truly have the appearance of wealth will live a wealthy fate.
  • If you are born with good fortune, you will have a good fate. This is the manifestation of merit and karma.
  • My fate is in my hands—I create my future; I create my karma; I create my happiness; I create my auspiciousness; I create my prosperity.
  • Long-lasting auspiciousness is true auspiciousness.