Grandmaster’s Collection

“Beauty is everywhere in life. I often find the beauty of Nature, quaintness, simplicity, and practicality in flowers, trees, stones, bricks, ancient buildings, and old objects from a certain angle and light. I also often feel the special enlightenment and artistic vision of history, culture and spirituality that they convey across time.

“Any teacups, calligraphy, paintings, jades, wood carvings, and the solemn marks and signs of bodhisattvas are precious treasures reflecting Nature’s simple beauty. And they also have cultural and auspicious connotations across time and space. By interpreting some antiques and dharma treasures, we can understand the context of history and culture from a more macroscopic and authentic perspective, which helps us to understand the world across time and space. This transcendental understanding enables us to revere Heaven and Earth, respect and love others, and cherish everything that Nature has given us.

“Meditation means returning to Nature and realizing the real world in simplicity. A Zen lifestyle promotes wellbeing in that we let go of complexity and stress and return to a natural, simple, healthy lifestyle.”

Grandmaster’s Collections

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Buddha is the manifestation of great compassion. The solemn Buddha statues express all sentient beings’ respect and gratitude for, and remembrance of, Buddha for thousands of years.

In particular, the Buddha statues and dharma treasures offered to by the practitioners are full of compassionate and auspicious energy, which bring people great blessings and good luck in all aspects.

—Grandmaster JinBodhi


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Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Treasure Trove

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My Treasure Trove

In this series, Grandmaster JinBodhi will display precious Buddha statues, porcelain, pottery, paintings, furniture, gemstones, dzi beads, and other treasures with hundreds or even thousands of years of history. Come explore beautiful historical wonders, encounter culture and wisdom that have crossed time and space, and gain valuable knowledge with Grandmaster JinBodhi.

Appreciation of dharma treasures

Treasures symbolizing longevity