JinBodhi’s Artwork

“The state of Zen is a state that allows one to experience purity amidst the chaos. In ancient times, there were many paintings that had a sense of simplicity, elegance and purity; these elements are what Zen is about. Some of my favorites include waterfall paintings from the Song dynasty and the paintings of lofty scholars. I am absolutely impressed with the artistic sense in those paintings.

“During my practices, I often see and hear shapes, sounds and patterns when I tune into the state of Zen. After that, I try to recapture them using a paint brush or whatever I can find. My artwork reflects not only my understanding of the world but also insights on life. The colors I use in my artwork resemble life; life itself is colorful and full of ups and downs. All joy and sorrow are part of life and should be appreciated and cherished.

“I hope you are able to see the vast starry sky, a sea of flowers and experience the inspiration of Zen, as well as the auspicious warmth of compassion. I hope this artwork helps you tune into the state of purity called Zen.”

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Artwork: Auspiciousness of Five Blessings

Drawing his inspiration from Zen and portraying it with different color combinations, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s paintings lead you into the world of Zen. Imagine the colors as jewels in Paradise, symbolizing the goodness of life.

In this everchanging world, learn to see the world across time and space, love everyone and become one with the world.

Paintings and Calligraphy

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