Energy Blessing

Energy blessing is the fastest way to help people relieve suffering and troubles. With his great energy amassed over decades of meditation practice, Grandmaster JinBodhi often performs energy blessing on participants to clear meridians, relieve pain, balance energy and bring health and happiness to the body and mind. Thanks to energy blessing, people have been able to get rid of pain and afflictions, regain their ability to walk, sleep well and eliminate dampness in their body to regain health. If one opens their mind and accepts the energy, they will feel the miraculous healing effects.

Today, many have benefited from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s energy blessing, and you could be the next lucky person.

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Healing Music Collection

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Energy Blessing Teachings

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Many diseases found in humans are caused by emotions that often stem from a lack of understanding oneself and the world. When you can see through the core of all matters and their developing patterns, your heart tends to be calm and relaxed, so that you can understand and integrate with the world. This is the best way to heal yourself.

You are welcome to learn the law of the Universe and the principles of cause and effect to increase your understanding of the truth of life. Under Grandmaster JinBodhi’s guidance, you will experience a state of unity between human and Nature, and begin a journey of self-healing to regain a pure and comfortable body and mind.