Energy Bagua: Energy for Life

Rapidly boost vitality and life energy. An easy-to-learn meditation practice that helps preserve health and is suitable for people of all ages.

Energy Bagua:
Energy for Life

Energy Bagua, a walking meditation, is an effective and easy-to-learn self-cultivation and fitness method taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi. It is particularly powerful for health preservation as it can rapidly replenish vital energy.

Energy Bagua is the result of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s decades of Energy Bagua practice experience. It integrates motion and stillness, focusing on the balance of yin and yang energy.

By simply circling a tree, practitioners attune to energy from Heaven and Earth, melt into Nature, and relax the body, mind and spirit. Practicing Energy Bagua helps one strengthen the body, regulate mood, and, therefore, live a happy life; furthermore, practicing Energy Bagua over the long term will allow the practitioner to understand the origin of Nature and inspire their spirituality, fostering a life full of wisdom. Energy Bagua became popular immediately upon being introduced to the public, and since then countless people have gained physical and mental benefits through practice.

Energy Bagua Student Sharings

Improve your vitality as well as your physical and mental health while circling the tree.
Practice Energy Bagua every day and enjoy health and longevity. As soon as you start practicing Energy Bagua, you will benefit from it.

Start Your Energy Bagua Journey

7-Day Energy Bagua Elementary Class

In this beginner-level class, participants will be taught the fundamentals of Energy Bagua: Feet and hand positions, turning, etc. Each session is conducted by qualified and professional instructors to ensure every participant gets the most out of the experience. This class has no prerequisite and is easy for beginners. Join today and discover health like never before.

Start Making Changes

Do you wish to increase energy and improve your physical and mental health to live a happier life?

If your answer is “Yes,” then come join our Energy Bagua class!

Practice Energy Bagua to preserve health, live a longer life, and learn to flow with the Law of Nature.

Become one with Heaven and Earth while you circle.

Energy Bagua is a practice that integrates motion and stillness. By simply circling a tree, practitioners relax in body and mind and become one with Nature.

What do we do before starting our first practice?

Wish to build a strong Energy Bagua foundation? Want to learn Energy Bagua under the guidance of our experienced instructors?

Locate and sign up for an Energy Bagua beginner-level class at your nearby center.

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