“It is my wish to benefit all sentient beings.”

— Grandmaster JinBodhi —

“It is my wish to benefit all sentient beings.”

“Journey to the West” With Grandmaster JinBodhi

The saying goes, “When you are young, avoid ‘Journey to the West’; when you are old, steer clear of ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

The celebrated mythological novel “Journey to the West” is filled with enchanting and profound mysteries, including the secrets of Buddhist practices, Taoist teachings, and even the keys to a successful life—all contained within its pages.

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2023 Pacify the Tai Sui God

Zen Spirit in Clay: Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Art Creation Series

Watch and feel the Zen as Grandmaster JinBodhi communicates with Nature and all the cosmos, giving us a glimpse of his inner world through the creation of beautiful vessels of clay.

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Journey of Compassion

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s cultivation methods have helped tens of millions of people in over 50 countries improve their physical and mental health. His hope is always that everyone attains health and happiness.

Buddha’s Birthday Blessing Ceremony in Taiwan

Medicine Buddha’s Birthday Blessing Ceremony in Singapore
Medicine Buddha’s Birthday Blessing Ceremony in Malaysia
Wherever he goes, Grandmaster JinBodhi always helps people in need and brings them health and happiness. Over the years, under Grandmaster JinBodhi’s direction, Bodhi Meditation has contributed to charity efforts in various ways, including providing financial aid to support underprivileged students, donating to poverty and disaster relief, and sponsoring the supply of medical equipment in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, and other countries.

August 3rd is a special anniversary: It marks the start of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s journey of spreading Buddhism to help people everywhere. This date has been designated “Bodhi Meditation Day” by the municipal government of Richmond and the provincial government of British Columbia in Canada, and the municipal government of Milpitas, California in the United States. For many years, Bodhi Meditation Day has been celebrated as a community event to promote a healthy lifestyle to the public.

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May you be healthy, happy and at ease

Zhang Yuxiang, Malaysia

I had insomnia for 15 years. I saw countless doctors but the only solution provided was sleeping pills, which didn’t help. 10 years ago, I also developed Meniere’s disease, which caused dizziness and loss of balance while walking. After 3 months of practicing Energy Bagua, my insomnia was gone. Now I can sleep for 5 to 6 hours every day. In addition, my dizziness has improved greatly, now it only happens once every 2 months and it only last for a few seconds.

 Fu Xiangrui, Malaysia

I’d suffered from insomnia for more than 10 years. During that period, I slept for only about three hours a night on average. I felt weak and exhausted. After practicing Energy Bagua for a month, I could sleep for seven to eight hours a night. I sleep so soundly now that I couldn’t even hear New Year firecrackers, nor was I disturbed by heavy rain. I feel so happy.

 Zhang Sufen, USA

A herniated disc in my spine led to back pain so severe that I was bedridden for 2 months. It was torturous; I felt utterly helpless. The physical pain not only took a toll on my body but on my mind as well. Luckily I found out about Bodhi Meditation in the newspaper. After I joined a Bodhi Meditation chanting retreat, my pain disappeared! I now feel at ease while walking and sitting. I was even able to go for a five-hour car ride completely pain-free!


In order to guide people everywhere to develop their wisdom and stay healthy in body and mind, Grandmaster JinBodhi has compiled decades of his self-cultivation experiences, meditation methods, wisdom, and compassionate teachings into books, music and videos.