All mothers are extremely busy. For many, it seems impossible to squeeze in self-nurturing time in which to calm down and meditate. How to make it happen?

Master JinBodhi has a solution for mothers struggling with a lack of time. When moms make self-care a priority, everyone in the family benefits.


Q&A on Cultivation

“Hello, Master. I am a housewife and I am not very healthy. I have to take care of two kids, aged two and seven. I am often annoyed and lacking time to practice. Master, do you have some good suggestions?”

Many ladies are physically ready, as they are giving birth at an older age. Mentally speaking, they are not quite ready yet. After the seven-year-old goes to school, she is left with the two-year-old. Having a kid following her around annoys and agitates her much. If that is how she feels, she would still be bothered when her children are sleeping. It is all because of the children. Without children, they are worried. After having them, they are more worried. They are bothered every day, asking themselves, “What to do?” They are not ready mentally.

It is like a general on the battlefield. You need strategies to boost the soldiers’ confidence. Timing is really important. You need to allocate your toddlers’ bedtime and how long they sleep correctly. A mother should be calm and composed. Say, between 9am-10am, the two-year-old sleeps. You can then practice at that time. Especially for a new mother like you with a two-year-old child, prostration is the best practice for you. Your toddler probably naps for more than 30 minutes during the day. That is when you can practice prostration or The Greater Illumination. Make full use of the time.

Show some composure and tolerance. Then what makes a qualified mother? After having children, you may get irritated easily. You may have lost your patience. You speak like a bandit, especially when you educate your child. The whole family has to suffer. You see uncultured. So, be a calm and composed mother and wife. If you could calmly manage your time, you would be a happy, healthy, and beautiful mother. Otherwise, you will be forever worried. Having no children makes you anxious, but it is worse once you have them. That is karma playing its role. You lack merits. I hope you become a calm, composed mother.

Be a woman of such qualities, take good care of your children and family. Your husband has a regular daily routine for you to arrange, too. Once you have set his schedule, you will be able to manage your time smoothly. The key is a mentality of calmness, composure, and gratitude. Be grateful for your two kids’ arrival. Because of them, you have become happier. It is a happy thing to become a mother. Enjoy this happiness. Arrange your time with composure. You should be genuinely happy when you are with your children. Such a mother doesn’t age easily, for she is in a happy state. This is my reminder.

It is not that you don’t have time, you always do. Be genuinely grateful, then you will treat your kids nicely. That is how you will treat them with joy and happiness. Your life is filled with sweetness. Such mothers will be healthy. You will feel sweet when facing your husband, in-laws, and your family. A healthy mentality is the beginning of a healthy body. During your confinement period, because of having such joy and happiness, all ailments heal on their own.