Does your body feel stiff? Do your joints crack? Do you wish to have a more supple and agile body? Having a supple body not only makes you look elegant and at ease, it is also essential to creating and maintaining your overall health. How can your limbs become supple and agile?

Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches the key to increasing flexibility and allowing the body and mind to flow smoothly. If you master the key, your troubles of all kinds will naturally diminish.

【You will learn】

  • Ways to keep your body and mind healthy and unobstructed

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Once you think through and understand things with clarity, the blockages in your body will disappear and energy will flow freely.
  • Your body will be supple once you realize the truth.
  • Wealth is achieved by giving.
  • When you have a compassionate heart, your joints will be healthy and flexible.


What’s the most important source of our benefits? The source is our sincerity toward the buddhas and bodhisattvas and toward our parents’ sacrifices. Once these channels are free-flowing, your body will change rapidly. Once you think through and understand things thoroughly, your body will become free-flowing. Blockages will disappear automatically.

Many physical issues are caused by mental obstacles. Think about it. Some people always tilt their heads and argue. These people are stubborn, rigid and uncooperative. Are any of your friends like that? When you call out to them, they can’t turn their head. They have to turn their whole body to turn their head. Their spine is very stiff. Brain blockages cause them to argue all the time.

They argue with people because they take casual jokes seriously. They are hard to communicate with even on simple matters. They tend to misunderstand and argue. Their behavior is due to blockages in their brain. Their spine is also blocked. So when you yell their name, they have to turn their feet, body and then head. They can’t turn their head normally due to a stiff spine. So when the brain is blocked, the body is blocked too, and vice versa.

When you have integrated philosophical truths, your body will become free-flowing and flexible. When you are filled with compassion, your body will be even more flexible. Most men want to be strong and muscular. This is what many men want. Young men can pursue this. Once you are over 35, you should move past that desire as hard muscles do not equal health. When you are truly compassionate and gentle, you have good joint and brain function. You won’t get sick easily.

Now that you understand this, your body will start relaxing. When your compassion grows, you learn to understand and respect your parents, revere

the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and me, your master, as I teach you. You need not buy me gifts. You only need reverence in your heart. Flexibility is generated naturally in your life and your brain, working in your body like an enzyme. Your body becomes relaxed. When your spine becomes relaxed and flexible again, you have been renewed, and will live a very long life.

So, if your lower back or spine is blocked, your life energy is blocked. At first, you can’t move easily, have difficulty working, and can’t think properly. Next, you can’t speak clearly and dribble soup when you eat it. If your brain is blocked, so is your body. Now your body is very flexible. Firstly, you can turn your head easily. Secondly, you can bend down easily. You have improved a lot, right?

Why have so many people come to learn meditation with me? Why have we opened so many centers around the world? Because people really benefit. Meditation doesn’t exclusively originate from Buddhism. However, I am a Buddhist. I find it most effective when meditation is integrated with compassion, because compassion leads to flexibility. Compassion ignites our kindness and caring toward the suffering, the poor, the ill. This compassionate love makes us healthier.

The more we give, the more abundant we become. That is what Sakyamuni Buddha said. If you want a prosperous life, give first. If you want a flexible body, become compassionate first. When you are compassionate, your heart will become soft and your body and joints flexible.