A child dreams of their grandfather’s house on fire, and the mother tragically dies in the blaze. What is this dream trying to alert the family to? If it correlates to the health status of family members, what specific issues should those people be attentive to? Why dream about the grandfather’s house catching fire, and what is implied by the relationships involved? What impact does it have on future generations? Grandmaster JinBodhi not only has a clear explanation for this but also provides solutions!

【You will learn】

  • Understanding the correlation between dreams and reality
  • Insight into the influence of familial karma on us
  • Methods for resolving karmic debts and accumulating merit


(Q: My youngest son is six this year. He is Buddha’s precious gift to me; he shares a strong connection with Buddha. One day, my six-year-old son suddenly said to me, “Mom, last night, “I dreamt that Grandpa’s house was on fire. “There was a lot of smoke, and I saw you being suffocated to death. “I was so scared, and I cried. I’m scared even now.”

My heart skipped a beat. My father passed away on July 28th this year. It’s only been half a month. Grandmaster, what does my son’s dream mean?)

Dreams like this one are usually indicative of something. I think it might be health problems related to the respiratory system, maybe affecting the trachea, lungs, or heart.

When a house catches fire, many times, it’s too late to save it. The contents inside quickly burn up. Afterward, the house collapses. This dream has the implication that the grandfather’s home is their family’s foundation. He’s the mother’s father, he raised her. I feel it’s the energy of that side of the family, it feels almost depleted. This manifested on the mother.

However, the one who had the dream was her son. Usually, it’s more accurate. This mother might experience the happenings of this dream. This is called a “burning house,” it’s a metaphor mentioned in Buddhist sutras. It’s very intense; this house is very dangerous. Again, whose house is this? It’s the grandfather’s house. This karma is from the grandfather’s house, and the one suffering is his daughter. It may manifest as issues related to the respiratory system and the heart.

When such a disaster strikes, it’s not about being more careful today. For example, a fortuneteller says you’ll face a major disaster on the 23rd. You stay home that day, but may still end up being hurt at home. Maybe taking a bath and slipping in the bathroom. You think of this and think, “I’ll just bubble wrap the whole bathroom.” Then the accident happens in the kitchen. Therefore, the mother needs to be cautious, but you may wonder, of what?

Your maternal home is “on fire.” You need to accumulate more merits and fill yourself with good energy to support yourself and your child, so both of you can live healthy lives. This includes light-offerings, offering to Buddha, volunteering, and helping others; they all count. Only through these ways can you be really helped.

But I think this dream tells us that there is still hope. After all, nothing has happened explicitly yet. This is a reminder to you.