I’m Ji Hongqin from the Daerim Bodhi Meditation Center in Seoul, South Korea. Previously, I suffered from dry eye syndrome for over a year. My eyes were severely dry, and I needed eye drops every day just to open them. During the 8-day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat, while practicing “The Meditation of Greater Illumination” for the first five days, I found myself yawning and my eyes tearing during the meditation. But on the fifth day, I noticed that my tears had stopped flowing and I could naturally open my eyes without relying on eye drops.

I had symptoms of cervical compression due to insufficient blood supply to my brain. In September 2023, I underwent a CT scan and was informed that I needed surgery for treatment. However, due to fear, I opted for medication instead. The lack of blood supply to my brain often left me fatigued and dizzy. When I woke up, the back of my neck felt heavy like a rock. It made me scared to fall asleep at night. I would always worry, “What if I don’t wake up this time?” After joining the meditation retreat and practicing for several days, I felt a sense of clarity in my head during the closing exercises that I had not experienced for a long time. Starting on the sixth day, I no longer felt dizzy upon waking up, and my energy level became full and vibrant. It was amazing!

I sincerely thank Grandmaster JinBodhi for allowing me to discover health and happiness through meditation. I hope everyone can also achieve the same wonderful results I did!

(The effects of meditation vary from person to person.)