On the first day of 2024, Grandmaster JinBodhi wrote a greeting full of blessings and hope for global viewers, wishing everyone a healthy and long life, prosperity, happiness in the family, and success in all endeavors throughout the New Year! May each of your days be filled with boundless compassion and wisdom!

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Dear Friends,
Over the past year, you have been accumulating merits and doing good deeds, always willing to help others and diligently practicing. I am very pleased with your progress. I believe that the Buddha and bodhisattvas are continuously protecting you and your family.

I wish you further progress in your self-cultivation practice in the Year of the Dragon. No matter how high the achievement, it all comes from long-term, consistent, solid accumulation. On the path of self-cultivation, do not fear slow progress, so long as you don’t stop; do not seek speed, but stability; do not aim for quick enlightenment, but for a gradual process, like the steady trickling of water or forming a tower from sand, grain by grain. Only in this way can we more steadily receive the compassionate teachings and enlightenment of Buddha.

Self-cultivation is the most important thing in life; it turns the foolish into the noble and ignorance into wisdom. So many troubles and disputes in life are due to ignorance.

Practicing dharma opens the way to wisdom, and accumulating merit leads to good fortune.

Each time you practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination, you align once more with the Buddha; with every chant of the Buddha’s name, you gain a piece of auspiciousness. The continuous accumulation of genuine practice will eventually create a powerful energy field, strong like the illumination of the sun. Doing good deeds helps to mitigate negative karma. Regularly making offerings, helping and teaching others, and persisting in these efforts can lead to health, longevity, and pure wisdom.

I hope all the children loved and cared for by the buddhas and bodhisattvas can become seeds of Buddha’s compassion, caring for and helping everyone around them, sowing compassion to make the world of the future a place filled with love.

I bless you and your family with wealth, auspiciousness, and the fulfillment of all your wishes in the Dragon Year. May you have health, longevity, family harmony, and the shining star of good fortune. I pray for peace and security for the nation, an end to wars, favorable weather, happiness for the people, and peace throughout the world!

Grandmaster JinBodhi loves you!

Grandmaster JinBodhi