Energy Bagua or Energy Bagua Aerobics, which practice is better? In fact, Grandmaster JinBodhi designed Energy Bagua Aerobics as a complement to Energy Bagua. Practicing both achieves double effectiveness for the health of the practitioner. Energy Bagua Aerobics also provides self-defense and self-protection skills. Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi speak about the principles behind the practices.

【You will learn】

  • The benefits of practicing both Energy Bagua and Energy Bagua Aerobics
  • The improper times and conditions for practicing
  • A method of practicing Energy Bagua and Energy Bagua Aerobics when feeling frail


If you only practice Energy Bagua Aerobics, that means you are not composed and don’t want to live a long life. But I want to be healthy and beautiful. I want a nice figure; I want to save time and be youthful and lovely. You can practice this: Energy Bagua. Remember this slogan: “Health and Longevity.”

You practice Energy Bagua, firstly, for fortitude. Every general must always be composed; when you are still, be as stable as Mount Tai; act as nimble as an escaping hare. Got it? That is a master’s mindset. When you need to stay calm, you can be very composed. Your body, speech and consciousness are all in peace. When you move, you are fast. It is a good way to stay healthy and live long.

You don’t need to just pick one to practice. It is your choice. Say, you have a diamond necklace; you don’t need to throw it away if you buy a gold watch. You can keep both. If you want to keep fit, you can practice the aerobics twice until your limbs and joints are energized. Doing the exercise will produce the happy factor. Instantly, you feel happy and smile naturally.

In fact, I designed the aerobics to work with Energy Bagua. Before we

practice Energy Bagua, especially in winter, our body feels like it is frozen. The brain is awake but not the body. Right? After you have exercised, your body has warmed up and then you practice Energy Bagua; it is more effective. So I must remind you: If you want to eat well, sleep well, stay healthy, and have no leg pain or toe pain, start practicing Energy Bagua. But if you want to practice Energy Bagua more effectively, do the aerobics prior.

To be more energetic, it is better to practice 2 to 3 times a day. I can’t ask for more. I also welcome you to do it 5 times. No side effects. Eating a stuffed bun has no side effects; eating 3 at a time is OK; if you eat 30 at a time, you will be stuffed to death. That is the negative effect. Overpracticing any exercise will exhaust you.

This aerobics is not strenuous exercise. Don’t do strenuous exercise when you are hungry. You will trigger gastric acid or leg cramps. If you do that, you are killing yourself. You better take a nap. If you have just finished 10 buns which are still not digested, don’t start to practice yet. Your stomach will crack. So, the first reminder: Don’t overeat. Secondly, don’t start exercising right after a meal. Wait 30 minutes. You may go for a walk first. Just don’t exercise yet. It is definitely unhealthy.

This aerobics has no side effects. If you really can’t, just don’t do it. When you are very weak, you will feel dizzy and uncomfortable doing any

exercise. It happens because your body is too weak. I suggest you take breaks in between. For the movements, you don’t need to be perfectly accurate. At the beginning, you just need to copy the movements. Don’t take it too seriously. Until you get used to it and are stronger, then you perfect the movements, and you will feel comfortable. There is no special requirement.

Anyway, it is beneficial to our health and very low-impact. It is even milder than the square dance in China, but more beneficial to our health and self-defense in the future.

(Energy Bagua Aerobics: Youthful and Energetic Energy Bagua: Healthy and Long-Lived Practice both for better effects!)