It takes much more than a single action to achieve one’s major goals in life. Having only temporary enthusiasm while pursuing goals is far from being enough.

What is the most important quality when it comes to realizing our life goals? Using his own life experience as an example, Meditation Master JinBodhi gives us the answer. Let’s listen to his teaching together, so as to find the extraordinary in each and every one of us.


When I was young, my biggest gain from meditation was endurance, not health. Endurance is the ability to withstand hardships. My master trained me to endure everything. “Be completely covered in dust before moving. Conquer all your physical and mental sensations. If you are sitting still, then be still.” That is what my master said.

Bear the unbearable; this is what you should learn. The Tibetan Plateau is freezing at – 20 degree Celsius. I braved the cold with very little clothing. I could sit still for 8 hours. My eyes didn’t move; even my breathing slowed down. Motionless, I wanted to challenge myself. Life is all about enduring challenges. This training inspired me to have persistence in chasing my dream. Training as if my life depended on it. Fulfilling my dream as if my life depended on it.

Endurance isn’t about seeing everything as pain. It is about finding joy in it. I sit till my legs ache but I am still happy. I purposefully change my thoughts. It is about enjoying the pain, not rejecting it. I persist with what I want to do. When I commit to doing prostrations, if I have a daily goal of 1080, even one less won’t do. But I lose count very easily. If I lose track, then I start over from the beginning. The key is to be persistent.

With this type of persistence, I gained more endurance. I practiced Energy Bagua holding the same arm up for 2 hours, can you imagine the pain? Some of you keep switching your arms. I held a stone or brick in my hand while walking the 2 hours, my whole body was trembling but I refused to stop. I wanted to push myself, I refused to give up. Forge perseverance and form a habit. I move freely in calmness and remain still in chaos. Be a rock when things get chaotic, that is persistence and mental strength.

Endurance is a type of persistence towards your dreams. Fortitude is a belief, a determination for achieving higher mental states. Endurance is great but it can’t compare to fortitude. With great mental strength, you can do wonders.

Endure hardships for a better future. Can you stay awake when you sit and meditate? You lack endurance if you doze off when practicing. If you have set a number of sit-ups for your workout, complete them. That is what we call keeping your word. Be a man of your word and do what you say. Do everything well and make sure you get what you want. Keeping your word develops a habit. Don’t rest until you achieve the outcome you hoped for. This leads to great achievements.

In ancient times, those who honored their words were called “noblemen”. Those who made empty promises were called “liars” or “lowlifes”. Honoring your words means doing what you promised. Work until you are happy with the outcome. There will be pain and suffering, but you should keep at it. Once a habit is formed, nothing will trouble you anymore. This is why persistence is so important.

To train your endurance, start with something small. For example, start by completing your workout plan. Set the number of repetitions for the squats and lifts. How many sit-ups and push-ups? How long to jog? If you have planned it, then work at it. You fail when you give in to your food craving. How to achieve your goal? Honoring your words is the first step.

Everyone here is as good as a diamond covered in dust. I dust you off and you rediscover your worth. What a pity if you spend your time here but go home and do nothing. All scientists, doctors, and billionaires started somewhere. They had a dream and worked hard for it. Persistence is the key to fulfilling your dreams.

Your persistence depends on your mentality. Sometimes, people give up because their parents or teachers get annoyed. Some even blame their friends. People always have excuses. Listen. You are fulfilling your dreams, not your parents’, friends’ or teachers’. There will be obstacles to test your persistence. The key is how you react.

My advice is to ignore whatever happens and stick to your dreams. Don’t give up and you will achieve your goals.