People can communicate through face-to-face interaction or phone calls, but when it comes to communicating with the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and our deceased ancestors, how should we go about it? According to Master JinBodhi, making those connections is simple. Watch the introduction to discover how.

【You willearn】

  • Ways to communicate with the Buddha, bodhisattvas and the deities
  • The key to making an offering
  • Choosing the right offering

【Featured aphorism】

  • Be grateful and respectful for an auspicious year ahead.Make offerings to the Buddha, deities or ancestors for blessings of auspiciousness and peace.


How do we communicate with buddhas, bodhisattvas, all Divine beings and our deceased ancestors? It’s hard because we can’t reach out to them like we do with other humans. I’d say it’s actually easier. You communicate with them spiritually. Usually, we don’t do that. Because, firstly, they’re no longer with us. Secondly, how can we communicate with the Divine beings when we don’t know what they look like? I think sincerity will allow us to reach out to them. I have some advice for you for this New Year. Show your gratitude and reverence; that will do. It’s written in the classic sutras that offerings work, too. Don’t bother asking: “Do buddhas or bodhisattvas eat human food?”

You can offer whatever you consider valuable. It could be food, a piece of gold or gemstones. So, are these things useful to the Buddhas? Maybe not; why would they need gold? They don’t wear jewelry or eat human food, so your offerings don’t really mean anything. What you’re offering is your sincerity. If you have a nice ceramic teapot, you may offer it. You can also offer fresh fruits such as apples, peaches, etc. It can be anything. Some people insist on making 7 or 8 offerings. You can even make 100 offerings, as long as they come from your heart. What about pineapples? Sure, why not? If you think it’s valuable, feel free to offer it. What about Taiwan’s famous stinky tofu? Not that, please. We offer something decent, be it lovely in appearance, smell, etc. That’s what we’re offering to our buddhas, bodhisattvas and ancestors, right? You may like stinky tofu, but never offer that. Why? Because it smells awful. You can only offer something you consider decent. It could be food, gold, gemstones or other treasures. Try to avoid offending; for ordinary folk, offerings such as food, sweets or candies are fine. Offering good food will bless you with peace, safety and auspiciousness.