An indecisive person struggles mightily with making choices big and small. If indecisiveness is one of your personality traits, you hesitate even when grocery shopping or ordering food in a restaurant. Making choices stresses you out.

Are you ready to stop hesitating and become a decisive, take-charge person? Listen carefully to Master JinBodhi’s sage advice.


(Hello, Master. I am always indecisive. How can I change?)

Indecisive people are relatively smart. You like to think and dare not make blind choices. Without seeing a certain result, you hesitate to make a choice. You hesitate to buy something, thinking there might be something better. You think about other options. Because you don’t know the result of today’s decision, you are indecisive.

I would advise our indecisive friends to focus on practicalities. There is always something better. Even when you buy the best one on the market today, you might still regret it. Indecisiveness isn’t a big fault. But once it is a habit, you will be indecisive about everything. Afraid to go forward or backward.

Deciding what to eat for lunch, you walk past restaurant after restaurant for 2 hours. Due to indecision, you starve. You hesitate to choose among Chinese, Western and other cuisines, hoping to find a better choice. This scenario shows that you aren’t hungry. If you were hungry, you would have eaten anything edible. You would forget the type of cuisine, and just ask the waiter to serve whatever is quickest.

My advice is to deal with immediate needs first. As time moves on, updated products always appear. So, there isn’t “the best.” Only newer or better. Satisfying your immediate need is most important. So, don’t hesitate forever.

Some hesitate over getting out of bed. If you are an employee, how will your boss deal with your constant tardiness? Your tardiness may not damage the company, but you set a bad example. You would have been “beheaded” in ancient times. Nowadays, your boss can only fire you. If you aren’t held accountable for being tardy, others will become disobedient too. Others will become tardy. It will be over for the company. The boss will suffer losses. You are paid to work and follow the rules. When you break the rules, you make it difficult for management to manage.

Also, an indecisive person can never be a boss. The frontline commander takes decisive action, right or wrong. In ancient China, army generals who went to battle had no telephone. They couldn’t ask the emperor to decide on all the details. On the battlefield, the general made onsite choices based on real-time conditions; he chose whether to build a bridge or swim across, or attack using fire or water. Decisions based on real-time situations. If the overall goal was achieved, the wise emperor wouldn’t care much for the details. Even if minor mistakes were made, as long as the goal was met, the general was rewarded.

If the general had to ask the emperor about all decisions, the timing would be off. If the enemy attacked, what should he do? If a messenger were sent by horse to ask the emperor, he would not get further than 2 km before the army perished in the enemy attack. You need to tackle the immediate task and threat right away.

As a leader, give clear orders so that your team knows what to do. Only then can your team execute on clear task lists. There is no absolute right or wrong. Knowing the basic goal and requirements, just do it. Tackle your immediate tasks first according to your own needs. This way you won’t hesitate.