I am Quan Chunyu from the Daerim Bodhi Meditation Center in South Korea. This Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat has greatly benefited me.

When I was in elementary school, I was involved in a traffic accident on my way to school and injured my back. The doctor said I had a lumbar disc herniation. Because of this, it’s hard for me to sit for long periods of time. If I sit for more than half an hour, my back will hurt. Consequently, I can’t meditate for more than thirty minutes at a time. When sitting, I must also lean against a wall. This back pain has caused a lot of inconvenience in my work and daily life. I’ve tried traditional Chinese acupuncture, but it only temporarily relieves the pain without treating the root cause.

Unexpectedly, after the first day of meditation practice at the retreat, I felt no pain in my back, even after sitting for more than thirty minutes. I thought to myself, “It doesn’t hurt today, but perhaps it will hurt when I practice tomorrow.” But then, the second day was pain-free, the third day too, and until now, there’s been no pain. It’s truly miraculous! I’m extremely grateful to Grandmaster!

(The effects of meditation vary from person to person.)