Hello everyone. I’m Choi Hyunsook from Seoul, South Korea’s White Jade Bodhi Meditation Center. More than a decade ago, after giving birth, my vital energy was severely depleted, and I needed to recuperate. The room I was in was kept very warm, and because of that, I often left my ankles and feet out of the blanket to cool down. This resulted in cold energy entering my body. Since then, when I go to sleep at night, even in the summer, I need to cover my feet with a thick blanket; otherwise, they’d feel ice cold. I also had to be careful to keep warm during the day; if I stepped on the floor with my bare feet, it would also feel too cold.

I participated in the Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat, where Grandmaster JinBodhi explained the significance of the “Universal Connectivity Mudra” in “The Meditation of Greater Illumination.” He guided us to visualize a beam of light shining through the window and casting upon us. That afternoon, as I practiced the meditation according to Grandmaster’s instructions, visualizing the beam of light, I felt a warm sensation throughout my body. I can say it was one of the best feelings I’ve had in years. After completing the meditation, I felt much lighter, and the coldness in my feet had completely disappeared. I am truly grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for sharing this method!

(The effects of meditation vary from person to person.)