People nowadays place great importance on health preservation. Fresh fruit is a popular and refreshing snack valued for its nutrient and antioxidant content.

Drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice is particularly popular. It’s delicious and saves us from washing and peeling fruit. Many young people and busy professionals grab a juice while on the go. But from the perspective of holistic wellness, Grandmaster JinBodhi recommends that everyone eat fruit instead of drinking juice. Why is that? Find out the answer in this short video.


If it is convenient for you, I suggest eating fruit.

(Hello, Master. Due to my tight schedule, I rely on fruit juices and fruit tea for my nutrient supply. Does this actually work?)

If your purpose is to get the benefit of fruit, and it is convenient for you, I suggest eating the fruit. Fruit juices may be very fresh; however, there is no chewing. Chewing prompts salivary flow. Saliva actually helps in digesting and absorbing fruit enzymes. Enzymes in our stomach break down fruit nutrients for absorption. Juicing will eliminate the whole process. Skipping the chewing process means no enzymes are produced or not enough enzymes to break down the nutrients.

When you are eating a fruit and stop after eating half of it, that means you have enough of what you need. But if you buy fruit juice, the bottles are usually bigger. You feel it is wasted if you don’t finish it. Overconsumption is bad for you. Firstly, juices are high in sugar. Secondly, almost all fruits are cool in nature. Too much fruit juice cools your body. That is another health problem. The best way to eat fruit is to bite and chew it with your teeth. That is the healthiest way.

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