Flower-infused teas have become popular. What sort of health benefits do they provide? How should we go about selecting flowers for our tea?

Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s advice.


Flowers bloom in spring and summer. Flowers calm the mind, enhance vision and reduce internal heat…

(Master, many people are drinking flower-infused teas. Do these teas benefit our health?)

According to science and tradition, we drink tea made with only tealeaves. If we want it sweet, we add sugar; if we don’t want sugar, we add fruits as sweetener. Some may add flowers too. Flowers bloom in spring and summer. Flowers calm the mind, enhance vision, reduce internal heat and soothe the liver, like fruits do. Adding different plants to your tea will benefit health in different ways.

Rose petals are good for women. Roses nourish our blood, face and qi. If you add dried jasmine to your tea, the real small white jasmine flowers, baked, its sweetness balances out the tealeaves’ bitterness. The tea will have the sweet taste of jasmine, and be richer in flavor. What flowers should you add to your tea? Learn the different healing properties of flowers. Select flowers according to their health functions, not just taste.

During a woman’s menstrual period, she should not drink tea steeped with flowers that have cooling properties. I believe that most people are not paying attention to this. For whatever you eat, you should know whether it meets your body’s current needs.

Cultivate mind and body, live healthily and keep learning.