Are you worried about how you’re doing at school? Do you want to be admitted to a good university?

Are your grades lower than you would like, no matter how hard you work or how late you stay up studying?

Don’t worry; there is a method for academic success that doesn’t cost money or take up too much time. As long as you have a small space available and perseverance, it can help you improve your grades and develop your wisdom at the same time.

What is this special method? Click on this video to find out.


She memorizes diligently, but still doesn’t get good marks. I know a good way to improve memory, judgment and IQ.

The school year starts.

(I am a mother from JB Center, Malaysia. I am asking on behalf of my daughter. How can she do better in her weaker subjects? She memorizes diligently, but still doesn’t get good marks. Her exams are approaching, so she wants some advice.)

I can see that she works really hard, but it doesn’t help much. This has something to do with her memory, judgment and IQ. Half-prostrations could help her. Kneel and touch the floor with your forehead 3 times. Do it at night before you sleep; do it 36 times for best results. Kneel and touch your head on the floor 3 times; that is one prostration. Do it 36 times every night before going to bed. This will awaken your wisdom.

I have used this method before, and it helped with my intelligence. My grades were bad when I was in school. I could do my homework, but never did well on exams. This half-prostration method really made me smarter. Bring her to the center sometime. Let her try chanting, sitting meditation, and The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom. Tell her these practices will improve her grades; she will be eager to practice.

Conclusion: If you study hard, but still don’t get good marks, meditating can help improve your abilities. You will get good marks, health and happiness by practicing.