From a young age, many children demonstrate superior talents in areas such as painting, mathematics, or language. They outperform their peers and are referred to as “child prodigies.”

A Malaysian mother has a daughter who is a child prodigy. Why is she feeling helpless when it comes to her child? How can we provide support to a child genius for future success? Let’s listen to Master JinBodhi’s advice.


Do You Have an Elite Kid?

Does High IQ Guarantee Success?

(Hello, Master. Zhou-shen, from Malaysia, has a question for you. She has a 13-year-old daughter, a mature girl. The daughter has already chosen which college she will be attending. She has a plan for her future.

She has no friends at school. Everyone is too childish for her. She thinks she is wasting time at school. She has good marks and could skip a grade, but she chose not to. Her reason? She doesn’t want to “skip” her childhood. Her mom doesn’t know what to do. She now seeks Master’s advice.)

This girl is mature and smart. When she is with people of her age, she feels like she is babysitting. To her, going out with her friends is boring. These “elite” children are common. They lack an opportunity to show what they are made of.

However, high IQ doesn’t guarantee success. To succeed, you need more, such as knowledge, endurance and resilience. You need to select the right field that suits you. When an opportunity appears, grab it. You will succeed, if you enter the right field and seize the opportunity.

High IQ alone doesn’t mean anything. Fate could play an important role. You can’t control your fate and you have no idea what it will be. What you can do now is study hard and acquire more knowledge. You can’t control your IQ. You can, however, decide how much knowledge you have. Knowing more is always better than knowing less.

Gifted children have difficulties showing their talent. High IQ doesn’t guarantee success. One can’t control fate, but one can work hard. Seize the opportunity to succeed.