How tolerant are you toward physical pain? Why do some people have a low tolerance and others feel nothing even if they are pinched? What kind of physical condition do you have? Does your physical condition affect your meditation results? Do people with a higher sensitivity feel meditation effects more easily and reap more benefits than those with a lower sensitivity? Grandmaster JinBodhi has all the answers.

【You will learn】

  • The difference between physical and mental feelings
  • The difference between physical sensitivity and mental enlightenment

【Featured aphorisms】

  • How much you benefit from chanting depends on your sensitivity and understanding.
  • Physical changes are not as important as gaining a new understanding by obtaining wisdom.
  • Enlightenment is all about the understanding of new truths.
  • Those who understand all truths are wise; having such understanding is an outstanding achievement.


We each have our own physical condition. The same goes for pain tolerance. You can try it out yourself. Try pinching the inner side of your arm as hard as possible. Some won’t feel pain at all when they pinch themselves hard. Some will scream at the slightest touch. Why does this happen? These people have high sensitivity to pain.

In other words, they are susceptible to pain. Because of their sensitivity to pain, they are also very sensitive to other changes. For example, they are quick to catch details in people’s speech. Some are less sensitive and slow to catch on. I am the slow type. I am less sensitive. I would realize I had been joked with a week after the joke was made. I am not that sensitive.

We all have our own degree of sensitivity and understanding. As such, our feelings on the benefits of chanting differ. Many only take 20 minutes of chanting with me to feel their hands becoming smoother and their saliva sweeter. Some would find candy tasteless. That is the difference in our sensitivity.

Our physical conditions and fates also differ. There is good life, average life and bad life. It is not that you will have a bad life because you are less

sensitive. You might be high in fortitude. Physical sensitivity is different from fate. I am only talking about physical sensitivity. So our speed levels and feelings on the benefits also differ.

Exterior changes are not as important as your inner understanding of wisdom and the way of life. Right? By knowing the way of life, you will know manners, the truth, how to manage a family, how to behave, how to educate your children, and how to treat others. These are more important in life.

Enlightenment is about understanding the truths and way of life. Only after understanding these things can people become truly wise. This is a great achievement in itself. Even though the inner knowledge and changes can’t be seen easily, they are much more important than physical or exterior changes.