Practicing Energy Bagua can quickly and effectively boost vital energy. However, is it true that the more you practice, the better the results? There is a limit to everything. Overdoing it may be less effective than being moderate. What is a sensible amount of time to spend daily on practicing Energy Bagua? Grandmaster JinBodhi gives us the answer. Let’s find out together.


No matter how strong your mind is, your body and energy are limited. So my suggestion is, for Energy Bagua practice, no more than 3 hours daily. I must remind you of this.

When I was small, I didn’t track my practice time, maybe 2 to 3 hours. As I was demanding of myself, my entire body would be trembling after the practice. In the last half an hour of practice, I was already trembling.

Since I know it is hard, I treat you more gently. My path was more difficult and yours is easier. But still don’t practice more than 3 hours per day; otherwise, you will get hurt. You will be exhausted and that is not sensible.