The circling motion of Energy Bagua is akin to the orbit of celestial bodies in outer space. People naturally want to practice in a comfortable environment. However, we do not always get our ideal environment and may encounter conditions such as irregular circle tracks, stones on the ground, and so forth. Do environmental conditions as such impact the effects of Energy Bagua? How should we deal with them? Find out from Grandmaster JinBodhi.

【You will learn】

  • The state of mind to maintain when practicing Energy Bagua
  • Ways to deal with obstacles and afflictions

【Featured aphorisms】

  • The environment can be an obstacle or a helping hand if you let it be; it is all in your mind.
  • Instead of blaming the environment, accept it and enjoy practicing in it.
  • Only when you accept what you are given can you deal with your obstacles and afflictions
  • Learn to adapt to all circumstances; being one with the world allows you to live at ease.


Feel at ease in all circumstances. The world is not customized for you.

Does Your Practice Environment Influence Energy Bagua’s Effects?

Different environments mean you will see different things. The Buddha’s words: “Don’t be tricked by your senses.” Your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind bring you sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch and dharma; They are all illusions. During meditation, we suggest shutting down your eyes, ears and nose.

Can you eat something excessively if it is sweet? Everyone can answer that. No matter how delicious something is, you can’t eat too much of it. If the circle around the tree seems out of shape, what do you do? As long as it is a tree. If it is me, I would just practice as long as I am still alive. If I am still breathing when I wake up, I would go practice. I am happy if I can still walk. If you can’t find a tree, just circle something.

So what if the garden you are practicing in isn’t beautiful? It shouldn’t concern you. It is an obstacle if you let it be. See it as a helping hand, it would help your practice. You can take a break when you are tired. Feel at

ease in all circumstances. The world is not customized for you. We fit ourselves in to it, not the other way round. That is how we live peacefully.

People say the wrong things all the time. They blame the ground for not being flat. Or the stones for being misplaced. Or the designer for designing such an ugly garden. Accept, instead of finding faults. When you accept things as they are, you won’t see them as obstacles, and you won’t be afflicted anymore. Learn to accept. It is the only way to enjoy life.