Bodhi Meditation is committed to helping people everywhere improve their health through easy-to-learn and simple-to-practice meditation methods. Since Grandmaster JinBodhi’s first public dharma teaching on August 3, 1991, Bodhi Meditation has spread to over 50 countries, with centers established in more than 10 countries and regions. As a result, countless people have regained healthy and happy lives.

August 3rd is the anniversary of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s first dharma teaching and the most important festival for Bodhi Meditation. On this day, Bodhi Meditation Centers and Bodhi practitioners worldwide hold various celebratory events, and many local governments also commend Bodhi Meditation’s community involvement and encourage more people to learn the powerful meditation methods. The municipal government of Milpitas, California, where Bailian Bodhi Meditation Center is located, designated August 3rd “Bodhi Meditation Day” in 2014. The designation was the first time a local government recognized Bodhi Meditation’s important festival. It was also an important milestone of Bodhi Meditation’s rapid development in North America.

As the first major center for Bodhi Meditation in the world, Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center in Canada has adhered to the compassionate philosophy of Grandmaster JinBodhi since its establishment in 2005. The center has actively taught easy-to-learn, simple-to-practice, effective meditation methods in Richmond, British Columbia, spreading compassion and care to the public. The Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center has also won high praise and strong support from the municipal government of the City of Richmond on many occasions. To commend the compassionate deeds of Bodhi Meditation, the governments of British Columbia and the City of Richmond have issued official documents designating August 3rd “Bodhi Meditation Day” for seven consecutive years.

August 3, 2023, was the 32nd anniversary of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s first dharma teaching. Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center received congratulatory letters celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the founding of Bodhi Meditation from the prime minister of Canada and politicians at all levels. Under the compassionate leadership of Grandmaster JinBodhi, Bodhi Meditation Centers around the world will continue to put love into action to serve society and benefit people from all walks of life.