What does the tenderness of compassion represent? Grandmaster JinBodhi said that a tender gaze is an expression of confidence; a supple body is an expression of good health and vitality; a tender heart is an expression of wisdom and understanding.

Truly wise and capable individuals often understand the art of showing vulnerability. Showing vulnerability is not a sign of cowardice, but rather stems from the tenderness of compassion. So, can the tenderness of compassion increase productivity? Can it make someone a sales expert? Can it make the family happier and more harmonious? The answer is yes. Compassion and tenderness are a master key that can open all locks, resolve conflicts, turn bad situations into good ones, and bring even greater auspiciousness to positive events.

The power of tenderness is immense. How can one cultivate compassion and tenderness? Please listen to what Grandmaster JinBodhi has to say!

【You will learn】

  • Understand causality
  • The external manifestations of great wisdom
  • The application of wisdom and tenderness in life
  • The benefits of being compassionate and tender
  • Learn the best way to eliminate karma

【Featured aphorisms】

  • The level of wisdom is related to the height and breadth of one’s vision.
  • Climbing the stairs is challenging, but with each step, one can see farther.
  • Buddhadharma is the most practical wisdom.
  • Having a wide and expansive vision of wisdom allows one to make judgments that transcend time and space.
  • Time and space never repeat, so there is no remedy for regrets in the world.
  • The better you do now, the better your future will be; anything not done well in the present will result in a worse future.
  • Wisdom is having a far-reaching and profound vision that transcends the concept of time and space.
  • Compassion is the universal key that can solve all problems.
  • Compassion and tenderness can dissolve stubbornness and conflicts, turn bad things into good things and make good things even more auspicious.
  • Great tenderness is great compassion.
  • Tenderness can make everyone a friend.
  • A tender body represents health, a tender heart represents wisdom, and a tender gaze represents confidence.
  • A relaxed mind yields a relaxed body, and a relaxed body yields a relaxed spirit.
  • Only when the body and mind are relaxed can we be compassionate, and the concrete manifestation of compassion is tenderness.
  • Understanding the essence of giving is the beginning of possession; understanding the art of letting go is the beginning of liberation; understanding the immortality of life and the law of cause and effect is what it means to see through life and death.
  • If we see through the rules, we can naturally let go of many attachments.