• Fresh stringy stonecrop – 50g
  • Dried red date (jujube) – 1 piece


  1. Wash the fresh stringy stonecrop and place in a pot.
  2. Add in one dried red date and 1,200ml of water and bring to a boil on high heat.
  3. Simmer on low heat for another 20 minutes, then let tea cool down to a desired temperature and serve. The boiled stringy stonecrop can be eaten.

Health Benefits:

This tea cleanses the liver, clears eyesight, cools and detoxifies, relieves swelling, aids urination, and helps to prevent cancer.


  1. Fresh stringy stonecrop cooks quickly, so do not boil it for too long to avoid losing its medicinal properties.
  2. Stringy stonecrop is cooling in nature and thus cools the liver, so a red date is added to balance it. You can also add some licorice or goji berries (wolfberry) to aid absorption; these combinations are safe. Apart from being slightly cooling in nature, stringy stonecrop has almost no side effects. 
  3. Those suffering from liver diseases should consume 50g of stringy stonecrop daily.  Those with severe liver problems may consume more as needed. Do not stop consuming it unless your condition has been medically proven to be fully resolved. 
  4. When buying stringy stonecrop, buy the Asian variety. The ones found in North America look similar to the Asian variety, but they taste different and their effects differ.
  5. If you have a yard or garden, you can grow your own stringy stonecrop. After harvesting them, dry and store them with vacuum packing so you can eat them in winter as well. Of course, you can also give them to those in need. Good health should be enjoyed by all. 
  6. Other ways of eating stonecrop: You may blend fresh stringy stonecrop with milk to make a milkshake; or make a cold dish by blanching it and mixing it with grated garlic, salt or soy sauce; or add it to your porridge/congee (add it when the porridge/congee is almost ready to avoid overcooking it). Avoid overprocessing your stringy stonecrop such as deep frying it, using it as bun filling, stir-frying it with lots of oil, etc., as these cooking methods spoil the plant’s medicinal properties. Avoid cooking it with other vegetables or meat. Eating it straight is the safest and most beneficial way to consume it.
  7. Stringy stonecrop is inexpensive and easy to prepare. It prevents diseases in those who are healthy and may improve the lives of those who are ill. While I cannot promise that it is lifesaving in all situations, it is beneficial for everyone’s health.