The Six-Syllable Mantra is a mantra that radiates illumination. It symbolizes that the humans are one with the Heaven and Earth.

For the first time, Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches us how to chant The Six-Syllable Mantra. Following the guidance of Master, listen to and learn to chant these celestial sounds. Bathe in purity, ease and illumination; be joyful, happy and free from illnesses and afflictions.


Each syllable of the Six-Syllable Mantra radiates illumination, signifying the integration of humans with the Universe. Each chant will deliver all that is wonderful to countless beings in the world.

(Let’s listen to the celestial sound together. May this warm and love-filled energy reach every corner of the world to enable all beings to be joyful, happy and bathed in illumination.)

Today we will learn to chant the Six-Syllable Mantra. First, the Six-Syllable Mantra has six characters or sounds. “Da-ming” or great brightness refers to greater illumination. The Six-Syllable Mantra of Greater Illumination are six mantras that radiate illumination.

You can visualize anything, including our bodies being illuminated. Some may wonder if only the body is illuminated, or if the head is too? Yes, the head is illuminated, too. So is the chest and abdomen. Someone says his legs hurt. Well, the legs are illuminated too. As are the arms.

There are many methods of chanting. One method I have often practiced goes like this. Visualize your body with a tube of illumination running through the center. Like a fluorescent tube, it glows. As we chant, the light intensifies. The illumination of this tube spreads to the entire body, eventually. With more chanting, some see their head, heart, and throat become illuminated. Some point out the region around the reproductive organs is also illuminated.

Details aside, let me just give you the general guidelines for the practice. Few people can succeed using the method that I learned from, because it is complex and mysterious. So, according to my understanding and realization, I will teach you how to visualize and chant the Six-Syllable Mantra.

Usually, the illumination at the head represents wisdom, at the heart kindness and compassion, at the reproductive organs adherence to precepts, diligence, and lack of greed. The illumination of these three regions is extremely important. Then, you should visualize illumination extending to the limbs, especially the legs. Despite the importance of internal organs, without legs, we can’t walk. When your arms don’t function, you start to suffer, as life will be a burden.

The six types of illumination also represent the Six Perfections and the integration of humans with the Universe and Nature. Ancient Chinese practices emphasize the concept of integrating heaven, earth and humans. When I was young, I started believing our body can be one with the sky and earth. This is correct, but lacking in full understanding. As I grew up, I came to realize how big the sky is.

Who can tell me how big it is? Boundless. If we fly an airplane, how far must we fly to reach the edge of the Universe? Even if the airplane were durable and your life long, flying for a billion years still wouldn’t get you there as the Universe is boundless. However, the human body has bounds. Aside from the sky, all other visible things have bounds. That which has form is limited. That which has sound is limited. Be the forms beautiful or not, they are limited. But what’s formless is limitless.

In the context of the integration of humans with the Universe, how big is the Universe? We don’t know. Thus, we believe it is limitless. What is the most authentic method of chanting this mantra? Our body is illuminated entirely. Not partial or flashing illumination, which is wrong. The more conscientiously you practice the wrong method, the greater the harm. However, you won’t go wrong visualizing the illumination of the entire body.

In our dharma practice, the body should be like this colored glass. In fact, colorless. The body should be transparent. Simply put, a very transparent person is healthy. This person has neither affliction nor joy. Remember this, if you always joke. If you laughed for an hour today, you may be angry for 2 hours tomorrow. The Universe is balanced. The more you joke, the more you quarrel at home. Think about it. If you laugh a lot in front of others, you may act sulky and angry at home. Almost like you are making up for all the joking. You are still faced with annoying things such as affliction.

When we are colorless and transparent like glass, we aren’t afflicted. We hang these car ornaments of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for protection. In this method I am teaching today, your body should be as transparent as the purest glass or diamond. Transparency means not tainted. How can we be untainted? Only if we are free of greed, anger and desire for wealth, sex, fame and gain. Only then can we be untainted.

But aren’t we all greedy for wealth? Hands up if you are not. Raising one finger counts too. It means you are 10% not greedy. Raising 2 fingers means “Yeah! I am really greedy.” Raising a hand means you think you might as well be greedy. Living in this material world, if we are not greedy, we can’t survive. But if we are overly greedy, problems arise. This transparent Buddha statue symbolizes the transparent body and spirit, which isn’t greedy.

OK. Let us begin chanting. Pay attention to the pronunciation.

Om, Ma, Ni, Pad (pronounced “bei”), Me (pronounced “mei”), Hum…

Now, we are learning how to correctly pronounce the mantra. OK. Again.

Om, Ma, Ni, Pad (pronounced “bei”), Me (pronounced “mei”), Hum…

OK. Everyone is learning conscientiously. Your pronunciation is about right. We now learn the chanting method. The sound should rise up from where your bottom meets the cushion. Chanting the first syllable, Om… We visualize our body and life illuminated and without greed or affliction. Think about the mantra’s compassion and thus our wish to send it far and wide. We wish that the mantra is far-reaching like low-frequency sound. The farther, the better, in hopes that all beings can hear it. Let us try again.

Om, Ma, Ni, Pad (pronounced “bei”), Me (pronounced “mei”), Hum…

That was obviously different. Now everyone can feel the energy. The sound of the chanting is like rolling sea waves, wave after wave. Very good. Let us continue chanting.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum…

OK. When we are visualizing that our bodies and lives are illuminated and pure, if you can’t do it, open your eyes and look at the transparent Buddha statue at my side. The true purpose of our Buddha statues is to aid our dharma practice. Because of Buddha’s compassion, he is revered and worshiped. The statue is used as a visual aid when you can’t visualize illumination. Chanting sincerely will be very good. After chanting awhile, your body will be light and relaxed.

OK. Let us continue. Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum… May all sentient beings be healthy, happy, wise, abundant, peaceful and safe. Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum…

Ok. When we are chanting, our body is one with the mantra. While chanting, we should think of wonderful, compassionate ideas, and allow our body to be free of taints and attachment. This is the best way to relax. Greedless and relaxed, we send compassion and love to all beings in the world. Thus, our minds relax. If we chant more, our compassionate true self will appear in the Universe. This is exceptionally auspicious and freeing.

Even after a short chant, the merit and energy generated will spread to the whole world. It may bring happiness to many people. Many people may find a job today or tomorrow. Natural disasters may lessen in intensity or occur without injury or death. All this may be related to our sincere, compassionate chanting today. This is great aspiration. Visualize all sentient beings gaining health and happiness, rather than only yourself being pure and illuminated. Combining compassion, aspiration and wisdom leads to the most effective cultivation.

By continuing to practice this way, one will experience the illumination of one’s body, mind or consciousness, followed by the illumination of one’s voice, behavior and wisdom. Next comes the illumination of the world, where everyone will be happy and joyful. One person’s practice induces a tremendous, limitless energy field of compassion. This enables all beings on Earth to resonate with us. This is not just our wishful thinking. In fact, this energy exists, at one with the Universe.

This is true integration of humans with the Universe. Each chant will deliver all that is wonderful to countless beings in the world. In such a chanting practice, everyone benefits. Even objects in this energy field benefit, becoming treasures. Even paper soaked in this energy may ease pain when it touches an aching body part. If people hear your chanting for 10 minutes, their afflictions may disappear. After an hour, an age spot may disappear. When we chant, volume doesn’t matter, but sincerity does.

You all know the method. Let us continue chanting for a while. Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum…

Take a deep breath. Next, slowly bend forward and touch your forehead to the floor. Stretch your arms forward and to the sides, stretching the spine. You are pure and at ease, and desire nothing. You have let go of all afflictions, illnesses, excess fat and debts.

Straighten your body. Repeat. Bend your body down to the right side. You are pure, at ease, illuminated, and free of afflictions and illnesses. Bend your body down to the left side. You are relaxed and at ease. All your illnesses, afflictions, excess fat, tumors and life obstacles disappear.

Straighten your body. Stretch your arms, however you like, and allow your spine to lengthen. Lengthen your arms. After that, interlace your fingers. Stretch up and to the left and right. Stretch your arms very very far and allow lengthening. OK. Put your arms down.

This way, your body and life are free-flowing, pure and untainted. All illnesses and afflictions disappear automatically. If we chant for a longer time, the effect will be better. We can chant when we are at home or when we take a break from work. If you lead others to chant together, the effect and merit will be greater.

If you chant once using this method and visualization, I believe you can eliminate your negative karma from many lives. We visualize all beings in the world being happy, auspicious, healthy, joyful and abundant. This mental and spiritual state is the essence of Medicine Buddha and the Six-Syllable Mantra. It fills the world with compassion and love. So, the merit is tremendous.

The reason being that it induces more people to be well and join the practice and chant. Not many people know this chanting method. From now on, you should begin to lead others to chant like this. You are filled with purity and compassion, free of greed. Your only wish is for all beings in the world to be well. This is in the spirit of the White-Robed Guanyin Bodhisattva.

In fact, the visualization of a transparent, colorless, untainted and unattached body led to the image of a White-Robed Guanyin. This is actually esoteric dharma practice. Without attachment, we will generate infinite wisdom and energy. When we “invite” a Buddha statue home, it is meant as a visual aid for practice. Its use is very important, especially the transparent, glass statues. For our dharma school, this is the most important element of practice.

I will put this video online to enable all people in the world to practice together. Then, everyone’s afflictions will be gone, and their illnesses may disappear. They will feel happier and more at ease. The inherent merit and blessing power are tremendous. (Got it.)