There are so many dreams to choose from. Should we pursue money, or the betterment of humanity? What dreams bring people greater wisdom and energy?

“Dreams Transform One’s Life,” part of the series “My Future Is in My Hands,” features broadminded discourse that will help you find your cherished dreams.


Dreams Transform One’s Life
From “My Future Is in My Hands”

“How do I choose between morality and money in the competitive workplace? Help me. My life goal is slowly turning into a money-making machine. How can we not be confined by money making? Transcend the self and be broad-minded. Have an ideal, goal, motivation, and be responsible. ”

Let me share a story about a renowned, admired personality, the Apple computer founder, Steve Jobs. Who is he? His true life story is: When he was young, he had more than one pursuit, hoping to have a lifestyle of freedom, that of a hippie. One day such a pursuit prompted him to visit India. He came to a very undeveloped place. Twenty years ago, the agriculture in the US was not individual planting, but farming. Farm lands were not tilled by horses or cows, but by machines. In India, even today, lots of land is still ploughed by cows, horses, or humans.

So, after Jobs left India, he made up his mind: He would use his abilities to change such manual labor in India in the future. His youth dream was to use his wisdom to change such physical labor. Thus, Jobs’ creative, reformative administration mode arose. When a contemporary person elevated his life goal to changing the human, backward way of production, what great energy and wisdom he derived from his dream.

This Bodhi Meditation Youth Camp is aiming for training youth leaders. Let’s take a step back from it. We are not becoming a leader, but how do we become a responsible, talented person with a life goal? Such a talented person can help society. They may not become wealthy but aim to allow all beings to have food to eat. Their mind is as broad as an ocean to transform the world. Whatever professions our parents have, however high their education is, whatever their financial condition is, it doesn’t matter. Children, if you come to my class, you need to consider: Is your life pursuit about counting money or a noble one bringing humanity happiness and joy?