Why does Buddhism exist in the world? The Buddha said, “There is no definite law in dharma. Great dharma is born from the needs of sentient beings”.

What exactly is buddhadharma? For Grandmaster JinBodhi, it is first the way of survival, then a way of liberation.

Buddhism is closely related to real life. Only by applying what you’ve learned from buddhadharma into daily life can you free yourself from afflictions and obtain health, happiness, and even enlightenment and liberation.

Grandmaster JinBodhi uses a benevolent and humorous style of

teaching to explain the simple truth in applying the wisdom of Buddhism in life. This is a teaching from the first Third Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat. It not only reveals the purpose of studying Buddhism, but also provides the true way for people who want to achieve enlightenment.

The teaching discusses topics such as: Greed is a trait that you’re born with and is also the biggest challenge on the road towards self-cultivation and liberation. What should you do about it?

Click on the video and you will find the answer to many questions. You will also be able to receive the inspiration of wisdom that will make your future road of practice smoother.

【You willearn】

  • The way to become enlightened in this life
  • The scope of buddhadharma
  • The story of a Japanese meditation practitioner and a writer
  • How to avoid suffering caused by greed
  • The benefits of dharma bliss
  • How to achieve the state of a bodhisattva
  • How to nurture compassion in your daily life

【Featured aphorism】

  • Tolerance promotes life and growth; with tolerance, you will become an all-loving person who delivers warmth. The world belongs to those who love all beings.
  • Love and hatred resulting from greed can cost a person much suffering.
  • Being all-loving brings health, wealth and auspiciousness that can last for generations.
  • The benefit you receive from being tolerant, all-loving and compassionate when helping others transcends time and space.
  • Doing good deeds is like paving a road of health and auspiciousness for future generations.
  • When benefits come, share more with others; when responsibilities come, take on more tasks; when others make mistakes, criticize less; this is how you can expand your compassion.