Young people often feel confused when facing crucial choices about their life and career.

In this video, Grandmaster JinBodhi uses real-life examples to impart wisdom about crucial decision-making strategies. Let’s listen to his illuminating teachings.


Do something that suits your characteristics and success will be easier.
Knowing your own characteristics is important. That sense of achievement only comes after hard work.

(Hello Master. How should kids make big decisions like education,career, etc? Thanks Master.)

Youth are complicated because decision making changes with age. Kids under 13 best leave decision making to their parents, because their judgment is still immature. Youth around 15-16 still need their parents for about 50% of their decisions. They still have lots to learn about the world.Even university graduates can make wrong decisions. I am not saying that parents are always right, maybe half the time. But sometimes, they are right and you are wrong. You need to look at your condition before chasing your dreams.”

There was a gloomy guy always avoiding eye contact. We chatted one day. I asked about his dreams. “It is crazy, I want to be a lawyer,” he said. I told him to be more realistic. He is often depressed, doesn’t like to express himself or talk to others. “You can’t even look others in the eye, how are you going to win court cases that way? You would lose if you didn’t speak when you should. Your characteristics aren’t suited for this dream of yours.”

He is more suited to be a researcher, or an expert of a certain skill. Some people are good for customer service or sales. They aren’t shy, always hold their head high, eyes focused. You can see it in their body language. So self-awareness is important, but sometimes people lack that.

How youth should make decisions really depends on their age. At a young age, dreams are mostly unrealistic and unachievable. These types of dreams won’t come true no matter what you do. Do something that suits your characteristics and success will be easier. Match your dreams with your characteristics and they will come true. That is the first thing.

Second, is your personality and your preferences. Third is your abilities. You can’t be a teacher if you didn’t finish high school. You can’t construct a building if you have never studied architecture. You can’t be a singer if you don’t have vocal talent. Some people have a good personality, but not a good voice. Then don’t be a singer and make your life harder. Can a physically weak person achieve their dream of catching a polar bear? I don’t think so. Some want to collect antiques but they can’t even afford new clothes.

Self-awareness is important. Not everything is achievable through hard work. It is important that you are able to at least support your family. If you are really capable, then help and liberate those around you. That is how you increase your worth. You need this mentality to succeed.

It takes more than just talent to succeed. People who dream of being a fashion designer can draw a design in seconds. There is no questioning their talent, but there are still many fashion graduates who are still unemployed.
Some become tailors. Not bad, right? At least they are still working in the clothing industry. Some become clothing suppliers.

You are not guaranteed your dream job upon graduation. There may be obstacles waiting. A sense of achievement comes after conquering these obstacles. Hardships make your successes sweeter. It is like crossing the finish line in a race. You feel a sense of pride at that moment. You must conquer hardships before achieving that sense of accomplishment.