To the youth of today: Are you in the same situation as Ai Chang?

– Uninterested and lacking motivation to work; lost in life.

Have you made plans for your future?

Let’s listen to Master JinBodhi’s advice for youth.

This video will give you clear directions to shaping an exciting future for yourself!


(Hello Master, my name is Ai-chang. I am a graphic designer.)

Graphic designer.

(I have been working for 8 months.)

I see.

(I feel lost at my job. I am working for the sake of money. I don’t want my parents to worry about me.)

You think your job is boring, right? (I don’t know.) Please, don’t cry. Were you bullied at work? (No.) Is it because there are no guys there? (Yes, the boss is the only guy.) The others are girls? (Yes.) That is why you are crying? (No.) Then what is the reason?

(I don’t know. I am just not sure whether this is the right path. I was just average at my studies.)

Let me ask you, is your major graphic design? (Yes.) This might hurt a little, but you are selfish. You care only about your own feelings. You are working in the field you studied, but you are not motivated, right? Why? Because you don’t have a life goal. You don’t even know why you need this job.

Let’s do some math. How old are you now? (23) I see. For the past 23 years, how much money have your parents spent on you? (A lot.) Just give me a rough figure. (A few hundred thousand.) About several hundred thousand then. That is a lot of money. How much money do you make per month? (About MYR 2,600.) Okay. Don’t you think you need to pay them back a little? You can’t ask them for money all the time.

I call you selfish because you never thought of paying them back even after you got your job. Raising you exhausted your parents. They both have diseases. It is time you pay back a little. You can’t only think about yourself. Think about your parents and pay back a little.

I think you are selfish because you hate your job. The job lets you show gratitude to your parents. I am sure you still have your parents with you. Your parents are being too kind. You have no worries at all. That is made you ignorant. That is why you feel lost at your job. Your parents are being too kind. So, parents, don’t be too nice to your child, because they won’t be grateful.

Have you planned for your future life? Definitely not. You have just graduated and have worked for 8 months, and you are bored already. You would have resigned if you hadn’t come to this camp. Your resignation would have hurt your parents’ hearts, which they wouldn’t have told you. They don’t want to hurt you. All parents are like that. Too much love spoils a child.

You definitely don’t have a boyfriend. How can such a selfish girl find a boyfriend? Have you planned for the future? You will get married and settle down in the future. Did you save money for your future? Not yet. Your dad is very capable and he saved money for you, right? Daughter, here are a couple millions for your dowry. That is how you became so stupid.

I am talking to all the children at this age, because your parents are too kind to you. I can see that you are a nice and kind girl. You are so nice that you have lost your goal. There is no spark in your eyes because you pursue nothing. Your eyes are blurry. The spark will only appear when you have a goal to pursue. Then your potential will show.

You should aim to become a brilliant graphic designer. Are you interested in architectural design? Not interested. Do you like painting? Please tell me 10 famous painters. Anyone, dead or alive, all count. Don’t know, right? What is your hobby? Just doing nothing or playing online games.

Like this, you are wasting your life.

Look at your face, bottom half looks like Guanyin bodhisattva. Your ancestors have accumulated virtues, resulting in your good life today. Therefore you need to have a life purpose. You have great parents, you should do a better job in graphic design. Don’t believe that after certain age, girls can’t work anymore. Some girls fall in love, give up their careers and rely on the man to provide. That is ignorant behavior, very dangerous.

Why do some pretty women’s men run away with others? They say that is because he is an ungrateful and vicious person. Truth is she is too ignorant, she gave up the career she should pursue. You should be creating your own future. What you are doing now is destroying your own future. The theme of the Youth Camp has always been “I Create My Own Future”. In your case, it is “I Destroy My Own Future”.

I hope what I have said can change you. You can get a new hobby but not a new career. That will make your parents happy and proud of you. Win a graphic design award; that will make your parents very happy. You just got your job, this is your best learning opportunity. How dare you resign? Your resignation is different from your father’s retirement. Resignation is a dead end for your life. Your parents may be rich, but that doesn’t mean you should leech off them. Leeching off your parents can make you crazy.

You need a goal. It doesn’t need to be big, but you need a direction. That is how you could pay back your parents. Regardless of my brother or sister, I can support my parents, because I am able to. It will keep you motivated at work.

I can tell that you have understood my words. I can see the spark in your eyes now. Your productivity and creativity will improve after this. Because you have found a goal and a responsibility, your future will be bright after this youth camp.