With the number of single mature women on the rise, people wonder when they will get married.

Is there a way to get married sooner?

Find out more by watching Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teaching.

【You willearn】

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  • The secrets to building a committed relationship


“Hello, Master. I am over 30 years old. How can I get married sooner?”

I would ask, “Is it because of your appearance or figure?” If not, consider your personality. I know a few “goddesses”. They are still waiting, not because they are not attractive, but because they are too selfish. They are sensitive, demanding, and harsh to others. They overestimate themselves. This makes it hard for them to find a partner. You need to be tolerant, caring and accepting.

When you are over-pampered as the only child in your family, you only think about what you want. You only think about what you like. Everything you see is yours. You know well that your parents would not defy you. This isn’t the case in a relationship.

How can you be happy? Think about your partner. What do they like? What do they want? Will they be happy? What is their favorite thing? What is their favorite food? You need to think about your partner. It is not just about you. It is not just about what is yours.

When you are married, you share your things with your partner. Care about your partner’s feelings. When getting new clothes for yourself, buy something for your partner first. Buy nicer and warmer clothes for your partner. If you want a healthy relationship, put them ahead of you.

To what extent should you do this? You can’t force your partner to accept everything you got for him. He has to wear the clothes you have bought. He has to eat the food you cook, even though it tastes terrible. That would be too much. Never overdo things. Be open-minded. Be sincere and don’t expect anything in return. Otherwise your partner will be stressed out. Don’t care too much about how they react. There must always be balance.

Be tolerant; put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Don’t expect anything in return, and don’t stress them out.