Sufferings and pressures in life plunge many people into an abyss of afflictions, from which they seemingly cannot escape. Whatever roles we play in life, there are responsibilities which must be shouldered.

When we’re faced with setbacks – from problems at work and home to illness and the threat of death – what mindset gives us strength and encouragement? Please watch “The Mantra of Life” to tap into infinite power and create miracles in your life.

【You willearn】

  • The courage to face pain
  • The wondrous dharma for stimulating self-confidence
  • The mantra that creates miracles in life

【Featured aphorism】

  • Learn to face algreat pain and torture in life with the brave heart of a diamond.
  • A father cannot choose to die. Maybe he can’t provide good food for his children, but as long as he exists, it is like heaven for his children.
  • A mother can’t reach a dead end, as she is the blood of her children and the Guanyin Bodhisattva in her children’s lives. Without her compassionate care and protection, death is the only path left for her children.


Yesterday or the day before, was the 10th anniversary of the passing of Hong Kong actor Leslie Cheung. A lot of his fans from Hong Kong commemorated him. There were performances by singers and actors. It was a moving scene. I have not heard his songs, but I have seen his movies. He was handsome and a good actor. I am sure everyone liked him. He looked so good, was so famous, and much wealthier than ordinary working folks, so why would he choose suicide?

His manager had a vision of the actor, at the moment he fell from the building, saying that he was too tired and wanted to have a good sleep. What does this imply? He had great fame and a source of income far surpassing that of many people. From his manager, we heard the actor suffered loss of appetite and insomnia. While others slept, he was awake and troubled. What was troubling him? Only he knew.

His stress arose from the thought that there was no way out of his situation, and it caused him to choose the path of sleeping forever. The manager said, beautifully like in a poem, sounds like he was a breeze in spring. A living being took the path of death. How could that be wondrous? A person reached his ultimate threshold of pain. In that state, he stepped onto the plank seeking his last salvation. But that plank of salvation broke, and he plunged down.

We need to learn to take on courageous feats, but not be showy about them. We must have a genuine diamond-like heart to face all types of pain and torment. This is why I put together “JinBodhi’s Golden Words”. Recite them like a babbling fool: I am not afraid of suffering. I can sing most beautifully. I am good-looking, etc.

An intelligent person wrote to me, that this is a sutra for weaklings and fools. Yes, I believe that I am weak. I also represent many people in this world who can’t handle the setbacks and stress of life. By shouting these affirmations, and studying in-depth what I have taught, a certain confidence and momentous thought could bring about a turnaround in a life.

It just needs a single thought. Leslie Cheung’s last thought was: “I have no way out. Heaven, Earth, Buddhas and Gods, my father and mother, I am sorry I have let you down. I am going”, and then he jumped. His heart had so much pain. Did his parents suffer, seeing him in that state? The fans who loved him, do they grieve? That is suffering. Someone said: “Master, if Leslie Cheung had known you, and recited your JinBodhi’s Golden Words, maybe he would still be singing and acting for everyone.”

Life and death are only a thought apart. If you feel you can live, then you will. I am the strongest person in this world. I am a warrior in this world of suffering. You will continue to live and live well, and support your family. You are a man and a father whom your children look upon as their pillar of support. If they lose you, the family will disintegrate and collapse.

We must be responsible. Being a man, a father, you cannot choose suicide. Perhaps at present, as a father, you are unable to provide children with a luxurious lifestyle, not able to give them a big house, but as long as there is a father to call upon, your home is your children’s heaven. It gives them motivating life force.

Being a mother, you can’t take the path of no return. They cannot select death, because you are your children’s lifeblood. You are the Guanyin Bodhisattva in their life. Without your daily care, love and compassion, then your children can only have one choice, and that is to follow you to death. Therefore, because of love, and to reduce the pain in this world, those who are parents must gather their most resilient heart to face all the pain of life.

If you don’t have enough energy, please recite the foolish “JinBodhi’s Golden Words”. I believe that after reciting once, you won’t choose to end this life.

I also experienced, at a young age, a lot of pain and pressure. The first time I felt what the Buddha meant was when he roared, “In Heaven and on Earth, I am Supreme!” I felt that when he declared that, he was under tremendous pressure. What he meant was I am not afraid of suffering, I continue to be alive and well, I am number one. This is not arrogance, it is the will to live with courage and strength.

We need these words to support our life. Because of Buddha’s words, myself and many others who were on the brink managed to step into a diamond-like world. Those words gave me the courage to ask myself and all those who have affinity with me to shout the words out loud and to share them with all of you. All of you please recite with me: In Heaven and on Earth, I am Supreme! Let’s repeat it. In Heaven and on Earth, I am Supreme!

I hope whenever you lose your courage, when you are hit by setbacks, when you lose your job, and for those fathers who are out of a job and feel ashamed to face their kids, please shout this line to yourself. As long as you dare to shout this, you are a great father.

Whatever problems you may be facing, due to this mantra of life, like a flash of Buddha light, they have been resolved. In that instant, your journey is laid out for you. This is the mantra of my life bestowed upon me by the Buddha. Today I pass it on to everyone.