Many years ago, a mother sought Meditation Master JinBodhi’s help. She said that her child often saw ghostly shadows at night and had trouble sleeping because he was so afraid. Master taught the mother a very simple solution that resolved the problem within a week. Do you want to know the solution? You’re welcome to watch this short video clip on “How Should Parents Chant for their Children?”, part of the Six-Syllable Mantra Q&A Series.

【You willearn】

  • Methods to help children gain health and wisdom
  • Methods to help children drive away evil spirits and sleep well
  • Methods suitable for pregnant women to help the fetus

【Featured aphorism】

  • The effect of the Six-Syllable Mantra greatly depends on the sincerity of those who are chanting.


A pregnant mother and her family can chant for the unborn child, thereby benefiting the unborn child’s health, wisdom and luck. When you chant, your palm faces your belly. Then, your palm begins circling your unborn child clockwise, the same direction as clock hands. That is the clockwise direction.

The power of circling clockwise while chanting the 6-Syllable Mantra provides your child with the greatest blessing. To bless your newborn child with health and wisdom, do the same circle with your palm when they are sleeping. Leave a gap of 30cm between your hand and the child’s head. That is about a foot away. Slowly, begin chanting the 6-Syllable Mantra. You don’t have to chant loudly; you can chant softly.

The mantra contains wisdom, auspiciousness, great energy, compassion and longevity. These blessings will reach your child through your chanting. While chanting, your hand should circle your child’s head clockwise. Circle slowly, like this. Your child will become healthy and wise. The keyword is “wise”, which is more than just “intelligent”. Go home and try it yourself.

Years ago, I taught a local lady. Her child was about 7 or 10 years old. Every night, he would cry, saying he saw ghosts. He would start crying the moment he went to bed. His mom tried everything to get him to sleep. He would sleep for a while, and then wake up terrified, claiming the ghosts were chasing him. That lasted about a month and the mother was so anxious. He couldn’t go to school because of this.

I taught her to circle her hand on his head counterclockwise. It is the same; 30cm away, counterclockwise. I taught you clockwise earlier, right? The counterclockwise rotation is to “disperse”, while the clockwise rotation

is to “gather”. For this mother’s case, she needed to “disperse” the evil energy. Chant the mantra while circling your hand 36 times. If you lose count, start again. Or ask someone to count for you. Visualize the evil energy, as well as the sickness, dispersing. After that, circle clockwise 108 times. This is how you obtain great blessings for your children. It sounds like a lot, but 108 circles takes only 3-5 minutes. The effect will be effective immediately. This method is not that complicated and it is easy to learn.

A week after I taught this method to the lady, she came to thank me with her child. He finally looked fine. He looked horrible when I first saw him, because he hadn’t slept well for a month. His eyes had been dull; his hair and skin had lost their sheen. That is a sign of energy depletion. If the problem had continued, anything could have happened; he could have even died. He was possessed by evil spirits. His ancestors couldn’t rest in peace due to their hatred when alive. So they possessed the boy in order to torment him and his family. One can die when possessed by spirits driven by hatred. After a week, the boy recovered. He no longer saw ghosts.

This can happen when we have small children at home. For all who are destined to be here, I hope you can learn this. It can help your kids. The 6-Syllable Mantra can do wonders. The effects depend on your sincerity. It does nothing if you chant while watching Netflix. Why? Because you are not focused or sincere. You still get some energy. Well, very little. Therefore, no Netflix and no joking around while chanting.

Do you know what the mother did before chanting? She cleaned her hands, changed into clean clothes, burned incense and prostrated to the Buddha. She did all this to show her sincerity. This guaranteed great results when she chanted. So, if you have just come from the bathroom, don’t chant. Wash your hands first; remember that. Show your respect to the gods. Otherwise, you might as well not chant at all. Disaster will strike if you disrespect the gods. The gods and buddhas will not punish you; the divine guardians will. Only when we are sincere and respectful can we benefit from chanting.