How powerful is an idea? Please listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi for the answer.

【You willearn】

  • The power of one thought
  • Make the right choice for the prosperity of the family

【Featured aphorism】

  • A good or bad choice can last a lifetime. If you choose “one thought” correctly, you will be able to obtain the most fundamental achievement in this life.


From the first day, we have learned about the concept of… (One thought.) “One thought” is very important; it signifies the birth of an idea. An intention. When your mind stirs, it is the first thought. I ask you to learn to be discerning, right?

Learning to choose – between good and bad thoughts. To choose to be a good or wicked person. Some don’t know whether they are good or bad people. Thus, we have to make a choice. This choice could be good or bad. This particular choice decides your life. If you make the right choice, you will set yourself up for lifelong success.

Good or bad, kindness or evil, which to choose? One thought determines our achievements in life.

Our one correct thought determines our achievement for life. After we make the choice, its effects will resonate beyond this lifetime. If you have children and family, they will all benefit from your choice. If you choose compassion, each of your family will complete their life as a good person. Your children will perpetuate compassion to their descendants. All your future generations will continue this thought of compassion.

I suggest creating a positive family tradition. Regardless if you are a father or mother, you should establish a family tradition. What should our family motto be?

Choose compassionate thoughts; only be a good person; help society and all sentient beings. No evil thoughts or greedy desires. Give generously whenever needs arise. Always respect all gods.

You can’t imagine the ripple effect of this one thought. It will affect your family, your children, especially future generations. If you are an entrepreneur, or a stateman, or an artist, or a president, you will greatly impact the world bringing auspiciousness, prosperity, success, and freedom. If we look at history, we will find examples of great emperors. They loved their subjects as their children and worked tirelessly to ensure they had food, clothing, and shelter. They sought peace and worked to avoid war. History is full of such outstanding emperors.

Thus, such a good thought is so important; it can be inherited and developed. Only with such a thought can we think of transforming our life and fate. Our fate can change from poor to wealthy, to a general from a slave, and even to a king from a beggar. All these are possible. Such transformation is tremendous.

The power of one thought can extend to the whole world. The power of one thought can transform our fate. Choosing one correct thought creates a splendid life.