On November 8, 2015, Malaysia Bodhi Meditation held a large-scale blessing ceremony to celebrate Medicine Buddha’s birthday. Grandmaster JinBodhi gave teachings and blessings, lit lamps, and offered wishes to more than 10,000 new friends. The venue was full of peaceful energy and joy. Many practitioners shared their heartfelt benefits from meditation, which moved everyone. Grandmaster JinBodhi once vowed to take the 12 vows of the Medicine Buddha as his own and spread Medicine Buddha’s compassionate spirit in the world; this blessing ceremony undoubtedly manifested his great will.

On the day of the ceremony, the statue of the distinguished Medicine Buddha stood among the beautiful flowers and plants. It looked calm and bright, illuminating the entire venue with its auspicious, peaceful and compassionate light. An endless stream of participants presented their most sincere “likes” to Medicine Buddha in the activity area of “Millions of sincere likes, millions of lamps”. It was the first activity for participants, which enlivened the venue.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Grandmaster JinBodhi explained the mysteries and benefits of “prostration”. He talked about how he and several eminent monks gained virtues and wisdom through “prostration”. He summarized the benefits of “prostration” and how to practice it. He encouraged everyone to cultivate wisdom by practicing “prostration” with repentance and great reverence.

Compassion for all sentient beings; all things are Dharma tools

Grandmaster JinBodhi said in his teaching, “Everyone is like a bucket of water scooped out from a river. The water is turbid. When the mind quiets, the impurities in the bucket will gradually begin to settle, heavy sediment will slowly sink to the bottom and leaves and twigs float on the surface. The turbid water gradually becomes clear and transparent, like a pure crystal.” At the same time, Grandmaster JinBodhi led the public to visualize that every cell in their body was pure, auspicious and compassionate, thereby changing their physical and mental health and destiny, making life easier and more enjoyable.

During the ceremony, Grandmaster JinBodhi used an apple and a newspaper to treat diseases of the head and spine with the pure and auspicious compassionate energy of Medicine Buddha. The participants also experienced the magical energy from Grandmaster JinBodhi, and many reported that their headaches and spine problems had eased.

Millions of sincere likes, millions of lamps

After the teaching and blessings, Grandmaster JinBodhi lit lamps and offered incense for all sentient beings as the Medicine Buddha Heart Mantra played in the background. At the same time, 10,000 lamps outside of the hall were also lit.  All were blessed by Grandmaster JinBodhi, illuminating the life of each lamp provider.

At the ceremony, the activity “Millions of likes to the Buddha” on Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Facebook page continued. All participants witnessed the miracle of “one million sincere hearts, one million lamps” from people around the world, which proved that the merciful and auspicious Buddha light shone upon every corner of the world. May the darkness lift. May all diseases disappear. May the world be peaceful and free of disasters forever!

此During this blessing ceremony, Grandmaster JinBodhi blessed amethyst bracelets and golden bean rice, imbuing these items with endless blessings. In addition, Grandmaster JinBodhi further blessed the golden bean rice with four special auspicious energies. May all who consume this rice receive the blessings below:

1. The energy of gold

2. he pure fragrance of lotus

3. Let ancestors be reborn in the Pure Land and be free from suffering

4. Live with vitality, health, happiness and strength

Grandmaster JinBodhi gifted these blessed items to 10,000 participants, wishing every sentient being health, happiness, wealth and well-being.

Fatherlike compassion and miraculous blessings的加持

During the ceremony, a father had been looking at Grandmaster JinBodhi with expectant eyes, holding a little boy, six or seven years old, who could not walk. Grandmaster JinBodhi gently rubbed the child’s back with one hand and rubbed the top of his head with the other to bless him. Then he took the child’s small hand and kindly encouraged him, “You’re great. You can walk, just slow down…”

With Grandmaster JinBodhi’s encouragement and assistance, the child miraculously began to walk. A long-lost bright smile appeared on the child’s face, and tears of joy flashed in the eyes of the child’s parents. At that moment, the audience cheered for the boy; almost everyone was brought to tears.

The Medicine Buddha Birthday Blessing Ceremony was extraordinary and ended with the blessing of Grandmaster JinBodhi. The ceremony was filled with the healing energy of Medicine Buddha. Although the ceremony had ended, great compassion continues to spread, and many people continue to benefit.

Mai Yuze, a beneficiary who got rid of the aftermath of a car accident

Mai Yuze practices in Furong Meditation Canter. Twenty years ago, a car accident caused arm paralysis, leg weakness and other aftereffects. After practicing Energy Bagua for more than a month, the pain and paralysis in his arm disappeared, and he could finally walk in a relaxed and natural way. Mai also trotted across the stage to show his recovery, which won warm applause from Grandmaster JinBodhi and the participants.

Mai’s wife had suffered from stomach disease for more than 20 years. When the disease flared up, she had pain from her back to her head, which caused insomnia. Grandmaster JinBodhi blessed her on the spot and told her to learn to let go of her troubles.

After attending the meditation class, Mai’s daughters not only became sensible but also learned to be grateful to their parents.

The story of Lai Zhizhong and his wife

Lai Zhizhong’s wife suffered from severe sciatica for five years. Her cervical spine had calcified so she was unable to rotate flexibly. She suffered from dizziness and headaches every day. In May 2015, she began to learn Energy Bagua. After walking Energy Bagua for more than a month, the stiffness of the cervical spine reduced, and the rotation was more flexible. Her dizziness and headaches almost disappeared, and her recovery rate reached 70-80% overall. In June of the same year, she took part in a Health & Happiness Retreat class for eight and a half days. Since then, she no longer has sciatica.

Under the influence of his wife, Lai Zhizhong also signed up for the Health & Happiness Retreat class in August of the same year. After listening to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teaching, his temper was tamed and he began to understand others.

Practicing Energy Bagua easily solves all problems

Mr. Zhang, 66, has practiced Energy Bagua for less than a month. Before practicing Energy Bagua, his right foot would get sore after standing for more than ten minutes. After practicing Energy Bagua for about 15 days, his foot pain disappeared. Mrs. Zhang once suffered from insomnia and had to rely on sleeping pills. On October 18, 2015, she attended the opening ceremony of Longquan Meditation Center where she received the blessing of Grandmaster JinBodhi. Afterwards, she slept well without the sleeping pills. In addition, the spine problem that plagued her for more than 30 years also improved because she insists on practicing Energy Bagua and The Meditation of Greater Illumination every day.

There were so many smiling faces and so many genuine and authentic words from beneficiaries. Each story, though seemingly not earth-shattering, signified a family’s restored happiness. This is the real benefit that Bodhi meditation brings to people, and this is Grandmaster JinBodhi’s most practical method of illuminating body and mind!

After the ceremony, Grandmaster JinBodhi shared his auspiciousness and joy of attending this blessing ceremony on his Facebook page! Grandmaster JinBodhi wrote, “Today is a happy and peaceful day. I lit lamps and prayed for all sentient beings with more than 10,000 new friends, which warms my heart. May all the blessings of the Buddha be given to everyone.”

▲ Grandmaster JinBodhi, “I was feeling the Pure Crystal Eastern Land with all participants. It was a carefree, quiet and peaceful environment.”

▲ Grandmaster JinBodhi, “I met a child at the ceremony today. I was happier than he was when I saw his excitement of finally walking.”

▲ Grandmaster JinBodhi, “Ceremony and venue.”

▲ Grandmaster JinBodhi, “Ceremony and venue.”