We are now coming up to bathe Tathagatas, for accumulating purity, wisdom, solemnity, merits, and virtues. May sentient beings eliminate their impurity and realize the pure entity of Tathagatas.

── The Hymn of Bathing the Buddha

The Bathing the Buddha Blessing Ceremony was held successfully by Taiwan Bodhi Meditation Center at Nangang Exhibition Gallery in Taipei on May 4, 2019. Grandmaster JinBodhi hosted the blessing ceremony with nearly 5,000 participants. The celebratory event was shared with friends all over the world via the media and livestream on Facebook.

At 10 a.m., Grandmaster JinBodhi began the ceremony by offering incense, praying, prostrating to the Buddha, and bathing the Buddha statue with six ladles of purified water. The atmosphere at the event was joyful, calm and reverent.

Grandmaster JinBodhi began the ceremony by offering incense, praying, prostrating to the Buddha, and bathing the Buddha statue with six ladles of purified water

Experiencing Hardship and Achieving Enlightenment

Grandmaster JinBodhi highlighted the significance of celebrating the Buddha’s birthday. Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born into this world about 2,600 years ago. His most sacred vow was to find the path to liberation. His deepest wish was to find the methods to eliminate all sufferings for human beings journeying through birth, aging, sickness, and death. He once tried to eat only a single grain of rice per day, aiming to experience joy from the hardship; through all his ordeals, the Buddha finally achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. 

Five poisons—greed, hatred, ignorance, arrogance, and doubt—are the root of humanity’s sufferings; this is Buddha’s primary teaching. If we learn how to let go of the five poisons, they won’t be able to cause afflictions and sufferings in our lives. In Sakyamuni Buddha’s later teachings, he taught us how to attain perfect wisdom, liberate ourselves and live a better life; that is, we need to practice the Six Perfections: giving, keeping precepts, tolerance, diligent practice, meditation, and prajna (wisdom).

Grandmaster JinBodhi began the ceremony by offering incense, praying, prostrating to the Buddha, and bathing the Buddha statue with six ladles of purified water

Ultimate Understanding of the Mind and Elimination of All Affliction

Grandmaster JinBodhi interpreted abstract and ancient sutras by using humorous examples and accessible language; the teachings directly conveyed Buddhadharma into the minds of participants of all ages. Grandmaster JinBodhi said, “What I am teaching is not theology, but rational and practical science. When we practice diligently as taught, miracles will occur.” It is a long journey to enlightenment; Grandmaster JinBodhi is our mentor and role model who guides us as we travel toward wisdom and an enlightened state.

Grandmaster JinBodhi shared even more about Buddhism. Learning and practicing Buddhadharma is about getting a thorough understanding of how to become a better person through being compassionate and introspective. Through many iterations of burning, hammering and grinding away dross and impurities, iron eventually transforms into steel. All our transformations start with giving. Often once our perspective is transformed, we will become a bodhisattva in the human world. When giving becomes our habit, we will become broadminded, and all the past afflictions will no longer confine us.

Grandmaster JinBodhi performed a great energy blessing for those at the ceremony and netizens all over the world

Bathing the Buddha to Purify the Mind

Grandmaster JinBodhi stressed the significance of celebrating the Buddha’s birthday. Through bathing the statue of the baby Buddha with fragrant flowers and purified water, we are actually bathing ourselves; we reverently make offerings to Buddha, pray for blessings and wisdom, remind ourselves of constantly cleansing impurities from our body and mind, and keep our body, mind and consciousness illuminated. The Buddha is full of perfection and beauty; the ladle of purified water allows karmically connected people to regain health and be reborn.

In order to widely spread the grace of Buddha, rows of golden baby Buddha statues were set at the back of the hall. Great numbers of people were able to bathe the Buddha and therefore purify their minds.

A frail elderly man with halting steps was seen reverently bathing the Buddha with ladles of purified water, hoping to eliminate his affliction and illness through the merits and virtues of bathing the Buddha. His sincerity was deep and powerful; it was an impressive scene.

Grandmaster JinBodhi performed a great energy blessing for those at the ceremony and netizens all over the world

Auspicious Blessing Fills Everyone With Joy and Happiness

Grandmaster JinBodhi performed a great energy blessing for those at the ceremony and netizens all over the world. Walnuts, apples and newspapers became Master’s dharma tools, all transmitting tremendous energy. The participants put palms together in front of their chest and chanted The Six-Syllable Mantra sincerely. The crowd was serene and attentive. Because of Master’s deep compassion, all participants were able to release their sufferings and gain happiness and auspiciousness.

Grandmaster JinBodhi prayed to all buddhas, bodhisattvas and deities, asking that lost souls be returned to their original state. He explained the reasoning. As we grow up, we may experience fear; this can cause many symptoms, such as sleepless nights, lusterless eyes, crooked eyes and mouth, cold hands and feet, depression, lack of energy, or even death. When babies are scared, they may excrete green feces or cry for no reason.

After the extraordinary blessing, many guests were surprised to realize that their discomfort had diminished; they also noticed that the people next to them had brighter eyes and shinier foreheads. It was clear that many people had benefited from Master’s compassionate energy; their illnesses and afflictions had been alleviated or disappeared altogether. Everyone was eager to share their wonderful experience with others.

After the extraordinary blessing from Grandmaster JinBodhi, many people in the audience found their illnesses and afflictions had been alleviated or disappeared altogether, and waved in response.

A man approaching 80 years old could not contain his joy; before the blessing, his legs were numb and his lower back was sore, but after the blessing, he felt much better, relaxed and light.

A woman was amazed that the energy of Master’s blessing was so powerful that miracles occurred right away. Having been mobility impaired, she had struggled just to attend the event; after the energy blessing, she could walk without aid of her cane.

Netizens left many joyful messages after experiencing amazing benefits. Some netizens shared that during the energy blessing, they suddenly felt burning hot, and then cold qi exited out of their heads. After the energy blessing, they felt light and relaxed from head to toe, and all fatigue was gone.

A netizen who was deeply touched by Grandmaster JinBodhi said, “My mother is almost 90 years old. Last December, she fell and passed out. Upon waking, she was a different woman; her disposition had changed dramatically. Not only did she not recognize her children, she couldn’t sleep well. She often wanted to go outside. Her life was slowly draining away. After watching Master’s blessing, my mother slept very well that night. The next day, she returned to her normal self. She is so grateful for Grandmaster JinBodhi’s energy blessing.”

Another netizen also thanked Grandmaster JinBodhi for his unconditionally loving energy blessing; after experiencing the blessing, he became more focused, wiser and better at studying. His grades at school got a terrific boost.

In addition, a netizen said that his neck pain and knee pain had bothered him for over 30 years. After the energy blessing, all the pain was gone. “When Grandmaster JinBodhi was burning the newspapers, I felt heat and numbness all over. When the blessing finished, my body became very light and relaxed. I hadn’t felt that comfortable in a long time. In the past, I had to hold the railing with both hands when climbing up the stairs, but now I can run up and down the stairs.”

Another netizen said, “I twisted my ankle a few days ago. After Grandmaster JinBodhi’s energy blessing, the pain disappeared right away. It was magical. In addition, the stomach illness I had suffered from for decades was also healed. This is absolutely amazing. I am so happy.”

Some netizens said that after Grandmaster JinBodhi’s energy blessing, cold qi was released from their stomachs; some had their hand pain healed, others said their heavy legs became light, and still others said their eye floaters vanished. A multitude of testimonials flooded Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Facebook page. Grandmaster JinBodhi’s immense auspicious energy transcended the limits of time and space to bring health, joy, relaxation, and ease to people in need all over the world.

Praise the Buddha for His Eternal Protection

At the event, the song “A Hymn to the Buddha,” which was written and sung by Grandmaster JinBodhi, was played publicly for the first time. The soft yet strong voice and solemn dharma music entered the depths of everyone’s heart. The song expressed the joy and gratitude of following in the footsteps of the Buddha on the path to liberation. Singing together with Grandmaster JinBodhi, everyone was immersed in joy and purity, and bathed in illumination.

A Medicine Buddha statue made of yellow glazed porcelain.

Beautiful Karmic Connection

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s great compassionate vow, the utmost sincerity of all present, and the beautiful karmic connection between Master and every attendee made the Bathing the Buddha Blessing Ceremony possible. Thousands of years ago, Master and his disciples vowed to meet in this life. We are so fortunate because we are able to follow in the steps of Grandmaster JinBodhi, learning what the Buddha learned and practicing what the Buddha practiced.

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s wise teachings resonate with the birth of the Buddha; he plants the seeds of compassionate love into the fields of everyone’s heart, illuminating the whole world. Furthermore, his teachings also plant the seeds of wisdom in the heart of all who dwell in the world of samsara. When the time is ripe, this dharma bliss will be passed down to future generations.