| Acquiring the Gold-Tipped Staff

After leaving Master Subodhi, Sun Wukong acquired a favourable weapon from the East Sea – the Gold-Tipped Staff.

The Gold-Tipped Staff is extremely strong, and Wukong is able to change its size at his will. What kind of special weapon is this, that it can be controlled only by Wukong’s intentions?

The saying goes, “When you are young, avoid ‘Journey to the West’; when you are old, steer clear of ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms.’ Once you start reading these two classics, they will captivate you for a lifetime.

“Journey to the West” is not merely a novel; it is a treasury of wisdom, concealing the essence of spiritual cultivation and the secrets to success, awaiting your exploration.

Welcome to the series “Journey to the West” with Grandmaster JinBodhi. Don’t miss the exciting third episode: “Acquiring the Gold-Tipped Staff”

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