Loo Yu Qang | Kepong, Malaysia

He previously struggled with procrastination, which affected his grades and academic performance, causing deep concerns for his mother. Additionally, he was hesitant about socializing and avoided eye contact. It might be surprising to see the young man who now speaks confidently in the video was once facing these challenges. What prompted the change in his life? Let’s explore his story.

When I started middle school, I had a serious problem with procrastination. I would usually sleep until about 12 pm and wouldn’t do my schoolwork. I felt extremely lazy, and my mom was very worried because my grades were so bad sometimes even failing or barely passing with D’s. She would advise me to change my ways but it was just in one ear and out the other with me. I just ignored it and never considered my future.

(Mom: I was very worried about his state then. He would always stay up late scrolling on his phone or computer. He will not get up in the mornings. This is a very critical age for him.)

Apart from procrastination, I also had a bit of social anxiety. I wouldn’t initiate conversations with people I didn’t know well and would avoid eye contact even if they talked to me. I think it was because I was a bit scared and shy. It might be because I’m an only child and had no one to talk to except for my parents. I’ve always been that way so it went on until middle school and I never really thought of changing it.

(Discovering Bodhi Meditation)

In May 2019, I attended the Bodhi meditation Youth Camp. The most memorable part for me was hearing Grandmaster JinBodhi tell the story about the frog cooking in warm water. It taught me to have crisis awareness. The camp’s motto is, “My Future Is In My Hands.” The hidden phrase following that is, “My Future Is Mine to Destroy.”

Understanding that principle completely solved my procrastination. I started scheduling my homework, study times and completing assignments on time. In the first year of college, my grades improved to getting D’s and C’s. I was passing all of my classes. In my second year, I got B’s and C’s. In my third year, I was getting A’s and B’s.

The camp had various activities like debates and dancing, which helped me become better at communicating. I started initiating conversations with people. When speaking to others, I can confidently look them in the eyes.

(Mom: After he attended the camp, he changed a lot. He looked so much happier and made new friends. He started taking initiative and planning his own schedule, especially with his studies. He also help out at home more too.)

After camp and learning from Grandmaster JinBodhi, my values have changed a lot. I realized that being a lawyer, I can help those in need and be a fair lawyer. I’m very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi, because of Bodhi Meditation and its camp, I no longer procrastinate. I no longer have social anxiety. Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi.