Moving in to a new home is always exciting. Although it is a heady time, it is crucial to be mindful of some very important procedures. Though you are legally the new owner of your new house, you should always perform a moving-in ceremony to inform the spiritual beings of your arrival. This ceremony will get rid of ill feng shui and attract auspiciousness into your new home.

With that said, what are the steps of the ceremony? This six-step move-in guide by Grandmaster JinBodhi is perfect for busy people in need of simple solutions. Announce your arrival and bless your new home now!

【You will learn】

  • What to do before moving into a new house
  • How to sprinkle blessed water around your new home

【Featured aphorism】

  • Nothing beats auspiciousness in the home; although buying a house is difficult, if your new house feels inauspicious to you, then look for a new one.


To make things smoother in the future, firstly, clean your new house thoroughly. This is important. After that, you may check the lunar calendar. It’s available online. Check which day is auspicious for moving in.

After confirming your move-in day, what do you do on the day you move in? You bring a Buddha thangka or a Buddha statue with you. Place it on the altar and then make offerings to it. Inform the Buddha that you have found a new home for him. What do you do to “invite” a buddha? You may offer 2 plates of fruit, and incense sticks in a container. Bow and prostrate; show your respect. There, the invitation ceremony is complete.

You may also offer a bowl of clean water. Prepare a slightly bigger bowl and fill it with clean water. Just some plain water will do, as long as it is clean. Place the bowl of water before you, and then start prostrating. Pray to the Buddha to bless you, your new home and the water. The blessed water is used to nourish beings that once occupied your new home. Dip a leaf in the blessed water, then sprinkle the blessed water in every corner of your home. Sprinkle it everywhere: the bathroom, entrance, balcony, etc. With the powers of the Buddha, the beings will be sent to their rightful places. This is a gesture from you, the new owner of the place.

Next, cook a little. Make some porridge. Stir-fry some veggies or make some pancakes. For pancakes, you can prepare the batter at your old house beforehand. Prepare all ingredients beforehand and then cook them at your new place. Using your new home’s kitchen is important. Make pancakes in your new home. You are sending a message: The new owner has come to stay, cook and eat meals. Don’t forget to use the bathroom. This is important.

It sounds weird, but this is what I do. Eating, using the bathroom and bringing in your Buddha statue; all these send a message: You are here to stay. It is up to you to do these or not. Feng shui consultants will make it more complicated for you. If you want to do it the professional way, you may seek their help. If you want to make things easier, believing the house is originally “clean”, then you can do it my way; it’s less complicated.

Again. Cook up a pot of porridge in your new kitchen. Don’t forget to make some pancakes. How many? It is up to you. And then, gather your family; eat up and show respect to the Buddha. That sounds like a happy family. Celebrate that you have a new home. Kids will decide which room they want. This is the kind of vibe we want. It shows that the family has found peace and settled down. Then, you will need to decide on another date to move in your furniture. It is a different date from the previously mentioned one. It is a declaration that the new owner has come to stay.

If you feel your house is inauspicious, then sell it immediately. Don’t care about losing money and how hard it is to buy one. Nothing beats auspiciousness. I know it’s not easy to buy a house. I would rather take the trouble to look for another house and then live in an auspicious house. An inauspicious house could cost you your life. Nothing beats auspiciousness.