Exciting news! For the first time, Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches the 8-day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat online 🤩

Do you wish to attain health, happiness, wisdom, and auspiciousness? Join the South Korea Health & Happiness Retreat, especially designed for beginners in meditation.

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 The Starting Point of Health and Happiness | South Korea Health & Happiness Retreat (Day 1 – Second Half)
00:02:50 Meditation Testimonial: My stubborn diabetes disappeared after meditating
00:07:41 Meditation Testimonial: Knee arthritis recovered after meditating
00:16:53 Day 1 Review: “The Meditation of Greater Illumination”

◎ “The Meditation of Greater Illumination” Mudra and Movements
00:23:18 Relaxation
00:27:22 The Pure Heart Mudra
00:31:08 The Amrita Mudra
00:35:10 The Flower Mudra
00:41:19 The Infinite Mudra
00:43:03 The Universal Connectivity Mudra
00:47:53 The Wheel Mudra
00:54:08 The True Fire Mudra
00:55:45 Inspired Patting
00:57:50 Breathing Exercise
01:00:00 Voice the Sound “Ha”
01:01:18 The Ah-Mee-Tuh Mudra
01:04:12 Closing Steps

◎ Meditation Practice
01:08:06 “The Meditation of Greater Illumination”
02:11:41 Bodhi Meditation Closing Exercise
02:47:12 Livestream viewers comments and testimonies
02:50:39 Q&A: Do we breathe in and out through the nose?
02:57:50 Grandmaster JinBodhi Energy Blessing: “The Mediation of Bone Melting”

◎ Acupoint Massage
03:29:19 Acupoint Massage Health Guide: Head Acupoints Massage Tutorial
03:37:14 Acupoint Massage Health Guide: Hand Acupoints Massage Tutorial
03:41:14 Acupoint Massage Health Guide: Full Body Patting Tutorial
03:51:19 Acupoint Massage Health Guide: Foot Acupoints Massage Tutorial
04:02:58 Gentle reminders for meditation

※ Malaysia: For non-Muslims only