Light-Offerings for Immeasurable Merits

Chanting, donating to the monks, and worshiping the buddhas and bodhisattvas are sacred activities known to bring lots of blessings. Making light-offerings to the buddhas works the same, too. In fact, at Bodhi Meditation, many light-offerors have claimed that they and their loved ones have been blessed in various ways.

The birthday of the Medicine Buddha is approaching; it is time to make a light-offering to grace the Buddha and gain auspicious blessings.

This course is designed for:
☛ People who hope to receive Medicine Buddha’s antidote to eliminate calamities, prolong their lives, and attain health and happiness
☛ People who feel lost and are wishing to have their lives transformed by achieving a new spiritual height and a path of freedom.
☛ People who are interested in understanding the root causes of human diseases and those seeking methods of liberation.
☛ People who wish to experience the state of mind purity achievable through chanting
☛ Beginners who wish to learn how to chant.

You will learn:
☛ Learn how to chant to receive Medicine Buddha’s compassionate guidance and blessings.
☛ Learn to chant The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra and communicate with Medicine Buddha to avoid disasters, fulfill your wishes and achieve spiritual elevation.
☛ Receive auspicious energy blessings from Grandmaster JinBodhi to experience healing energy for a pure body and mind and the swift alleviation of ailments.
☛ Learn how to break free from the fast pace of contemporary life, completely relax, reduce stress, and regain restful sleep.
☛ Learn the secrets of achieving success according to physiognomy and improve your facial features through practice.

00:00:00 Along With Buddha Chanting Class – Day 12
00:00:10 Energy Bagua Aerobics
00:12:33 Reciting Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words
00:15:28 The Benefits of Light-Offering
00:19:38 Light-Offering Testimonials
00:24:47 Reminders About Visualizing the Lapis Lazuli Illumination
00:27:27 Chanting The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra
01:32:45 Closing Exercise
01:36:05 JinBodhi’s Physiognomy: Recap
01:57:36 Day-12’s Class Auspiciously Completed

Participate in the course and pray, fulfill the wish in your heart, and let the blessing grow continuously.

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