How you deal with a situation greatly depends on your mindset and mood. In the face of a negative incident, how can you remain calm and stable while problem-solving in order to get the best result? Energy Bagua can help.

How does practicing Energy Bagua improve one’s spiritual state? What is the best state to be in while training? Please listen to the illuminating teaching of Grandmaster JinBodhi.

【You will learn】

  • l The best practice state for Energy Baguag
  • l How mental state affects one’s words and actions

【Featured aphorisms】

  • l The feeling of “time stopping” is a good state for life preservation, health and longevity.


When we have practiced Energy Bagua for a while, for example, 3 months, sometimes you will forget about time. We often walk for one hour, but you will feel like it has been only 10 minutes or even 5 minutes. You don’t even know how you did it. But after walking, your body doesn’t feel tired, and you feel calm and joyous. This is a very good state to be in for practicing Energy Bagua.

To my understanding, this state is kind of like samadhi. The sense of time is lost on you. You have walked for an hour, but you feel like only 10 minutes have passed. You feel that time has stopped. This feeling that time has stopped is, for me, a good state for life preservation, health and longevity. This is a state that I admire. When you are in this state, your energy, health and mentality will be in the best condition.

By entering this state, aside from feeling energetic and physically comfortable, you will also be in a state of inner peace. So when we are practicing in a relatively peaceful headspace, this is a very good state to be in. Most importantly, you feel calm and happy about what you encounter. When we are facing our surroundings, especially negative encounters, we can usually handle it pretty well.

You are in a good mood during this time. People around you make you feel happy, and others will feel good being around you, because this state is close to the Zen state. Being in a Zen state, people are usually very calm when facing matters. There are no emotional swings, and we remain very calm. When facing negative matters, our feelings and solutions are calm.

Negative encounters can cause different emotions. Different emotions cause different opinions that then lead to different solutions. If you were in a country that lacks legal regulations, and you got a phone call saying your family was in a car accident, you would be very anxious. That is one type of people.

Say, your son called and said, “Mom, my car got hit.” One type of mom would say, “Are you OK? Is the car damaged?” The son would say, “No, I just have a bit of a headache.” “OK, then that is fine. Just take a rest.” Another type of mom would say, “How do you feel, son? Are you OK? Do you need to see a doctor? Did you call 911?” This is the second type.

There’s also another type. The mom asks how you are doing, whether you are bleeding or whether you are feeling pain. When you say you are fine, this mom would say, “I feel like you should still call for an ambulance. Go to the hospital for a checkup. Your health is important.” “Mom. I’m fine.” “Still, go check.”

Another type of mom would say, “OK, see a doctor. And your car is damaged but still valuable. Can you find someone to take a look at the car? Find someone to tow the car near the hospital. We need to keep both you and the car. Let’s see if the cops can tow the car near the hospital to wait for you.”

Another type would be enraged. “Mom, I got hit by a car.” “Who dared to hit you!” “You know the person! It is our ex-neighbor, the one who argued with us.” “This is attempted murder. I’ll end him!” Right. Different emotions, height and state of mind cause us to have different solutions for the same problem.

The best reaction is being satisfied that everyone is OK. But to reach this height, you will need to spend time on self-cultivation. The best way is to spend one hour every day for 100 days, 100 hours in total, to be in a state of calmness that goes beyond time and space. This could be very beneficial to our health and self-cultivation.