With the right methods, may we all have the power to overcome depression.
These are true stories from our online friends. Let’s learn about the remedies to overcome depression, dispel gloom, and regain a positive outlook on life!

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★ Livestream Contents:
0:00:00 Cause of Depression 1: Genetic inheritance
0:02:53 Cause of Depression 2: Energy deficiency
0:03:08 Cause of Depression 3: Major life events
0:09:03 Cause of Depression 4: Worldview, perspective
0:17:35 Cause of Depression 5: Karmic influence
0:22:04 What facial features indicate a susceptibility to depression?

◎ Testimonials from Online Friends
0:27:18 My sister walked out of 14 years depression after practicing meditation every day for 6 months
0:43:53 I overcame post-traumatic stress disorder and lost 20 pounds after practicing meditation for a few months
1:01:45 My life brightened up and I overcame depression after reading “Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words”
1:15:13 My daughter’s depression alleviated after light offering and receiving Grandmaster’s guidance
1:27:43 Depression gone after 1 week of Energy Bagua
1:41:13 Grandmaster saved me from postpartum depression
1:49:36 My depression and stomach ulcers (gastric ulcers) recovered after Energy Bagua
2:07:41 My reserved grandson became outgoing, no more nightmares after joining Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat
2:12:54 Conclusion: Overcoming depression

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