Young people encounter various challenges on their journey to adulthood, often leaving their parents with many troubles and concerns. This Sunday, I will answer questions related to youth development, education, and parent-child relationships.

To all young friends and parents, if you have any relative questions, please send them to me. I might bring you new insights and answers.

Email: [email protected]

Questions selected for the livestream will be rewarded. Everyone is welcome to ask questions!

★ Livestream Contents:
00:00:00 Grandmaster Answers Youth’s Questions | Who Is Your Child Really?

◎ Segment One: Questions from Online Viewers
00:03:04 Is my son the Monkey King?
00:36:39 The ‘thorn in the eye’ of the entire family
00:50:36 Want to become a singer, why is it so difficult?
01:09:40 Does Ahyou have a future?

◎ Live Questions from Youth Camp
01:20:56 How to educate children to establish correct interpersonal relationships?
01:38:18 How to stabilize emotions and avoid impulsive behavior?

◎ Segment Two: Questions from Online Viewers
02:03:48 What to do if my daughter doesn’t want to have children?
02:10:18 Can I send my four-year-old child to the Institute of Sinology?
02:24:25 My son feels that his parents are unfair
02:43:33 How to get out of a predicament?
02:57:08 Grandmaster JinBodhi Physiognomy: Characteristics of those with a strong liver fire?

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