The compassionate Medicine Buddha, to alleviate the suffering of sentient beings, made 12 great vows. Each of these vows corresponds to the daily physical and mental needs of sentient beings. When the troubles related to these needs are dispelled, the larger afflictions of life also go far away. As long as one sincerely chants The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra and connects with Medicine Buddha, one shall get a fate-transformation opportunity. During the course, Grandmaster JinBodhi also explains that if one’s practice is successful, changes can be seen in the body. This is a manifestation of accumulated merits. How can you determine if you have practiced well and become a fortunate person blessed by buddhas? Let’s listen to the explanation from Grandmaster JinBodhi together.

This course is designed for:
☛ People who hope to receive Medicine Buddha’s antidote to eliminate calamities, prolong their lives, and attain health and happiness
☛ People who feel lost and are wishing to have their lives transformed by achieving a new spiritual height and a path of freedom.
☛ People who are interested in understanding the root causes of human diseases and those seeking methods of liberation.
☛ People who wish to experience the state of mind purity achievable through chanting
☛ Beginners who wish to learn how to chant.

You will learn:
☛ Learn how to chant to receive Medicine Buddha’s compassionate guidance and blessings.
☛ Learn to chant The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra and communicate with Medicine Buddha to avoid disasters, fulfill your wishes and achieve spiritual elevation.
☛ Receive auspicious energy blessings from Grandmaster JinBodhi to experience healing energy for a pure body and mind and the swift alleviation of ailments.
☛ Learn how to break free from the fast pace of contemporary life, completely relax, reduce stress, and regain restful sleep.
☛ Learn the secrets of achieving success according to physiognomy and improve your facial features through practice.

00:00:00 Along With Buddha Chanting Class – Day 1
00:00:25 Energy Bagua Aerobics
00:12:49 Introduction to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words
00:20:31 The Vows of the Medicine Buddha
00:24:06 Chanting Reminders
00:37:52 Chanting The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra
01:43:13 Closing Exercise
01:47:48 Perfecting Facial Appearance Through Meditation Practices
01:57:34 Day-1’s Class Auspiciously Completed

Participate in the course and pray, fulfill the wish in your heart, and let the blessing grow continuously.

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