Sharing the remarkable effects of Energy Bagua with great joy

On September 10, 2022, at the Haishan Bodhi Meditation Center in New Taipei, Taiwan, fellow practitioners joyfully welcomed Grandmaster JinBodhi to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Grandmaster also live-streamed the event so that all Bodhi fellow practitioners and viewers worldwide could celebrate the festival as if in person with Grandmaster through various network platforms and in different languages.

Grandmaster, deeply concerned about the health of the public, organized a unique “Practicing Energy Bagua with a Mooncake in your Mouth” testimonial-sharing event during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Fellow practitioners in Taiwan shared the benefits of Energy Bagua and talked about the methods that preserve health and prolong life.

The effect of Energy Bagua is remarkable. It quickly replenishes vitality and energy, improving health. It has widely spread to different regions throughout the world. It has even taken root in Taiwan where it’s so popular that countless people from south to north have benefited from it. In this testimonial-sharing event, Energy Bagua beneficiaries in Taiwan shared their stories. Many online viewers left messages. In their messages they shared that diligently practicing Energy Bagua improved and even cured many of their health problems, including frequent urination at night, insomnia, gastritis and esophageal reflux, irregular menstruation, diabetes, hepatitis C, etc. Everyone gained spiritual improvement and family happiness, even the pets regained their health.

Everyone enjoyed listening to the beneficiaries’ vivid and wonderful stories. The witty comments and sharing of viewers’ benefits encouraged and inspired more people to learn and practice Energy Bagua!

Grandmaster JinBodhi also unreservedly shared his decades of realization that practicing Energy Bagua preserves health, boosts energy, and prolongs life. Grandmaster’s compassionate wish that he has been upholding for many years: “I will share the dharma and principles I have learned with all sentient beings who have affinity.”

Energy Bagua benefits shared on site

1. 40 years of not sweating resolved!

Lin Shufen, 48 years old, Chiayi, Taiwan

Before practicing Energy Bagua, I had the problem of not sweating for 40 years. Even after exercising a lot, I still could not sweat, which caused poor metabolism and a tight and rigid body. Due to often working in an air-conditioned room, the function of my sweat glands declined and made the problem worse. Also, I was very afraid of the cold in winter. I also had the problem of frequent urination. I had to go to the bathroom every 30 to 60 minutes during the day and got up three or four times at night. During my menstrual period, I had to go five to six times. I was sleepless almost all night and lacked energy the next day, which affected my work.

After practicing Energy Bagua for two to three months, the problem of frequent urination improved. I could sleep soundly at night without getting up. Even during menstruation, I only needed to get up once. After practicing Energy Bagua for a year, the problem of not sweating was resolved. Now, I sweat normally, and my body feels comfortable!

Now, I’m free from illness and suffering. My body and mind have transformed tremendously. I am a completely different person. I am grateful to Grandmaster and Energy Bagua for my huge transformation.

2. Insomnia for 13 years and plantar fasciitis are gone!

Huang Caishu, 63 years old, Taichung, Taiwan

I suffered from insomnia since I was 48 years old. I would only sleep for two to three hours at night, and thus, I often felt groggy when working during the day. My sister-in-law introduced me to Bodhi Meditation, and I started practicing Energy Bagua. After practicing for three months, I could fall asleep easily and sleep soundly for seven or eight hours. I also suffered from plantar fasciitis and the soles of my feet hurt every time I got out of bed. I tried acupuncture, without success. I kept practicing Energy Bagua although it hurt a lot. Now, whether walking, running, or jumping, my feet no longer hurt. I am extremely grateful to Grandmaster for teaching us Energy Bagua.

3. Hip pain disappeared, and gastroesophageal acid reflux disease (GERD) improved

Fang Lirong, 61 years old, Taichung, Taiwan

I used to have hip joint pain. Sometimes it was so painful that I could not walk even one step. I needed to hold on to the handrail when going up and down the stairs. At its worst, I had to take steroids to relieve the pain. By chance, I saw a testimonial about Energy Bagua on Facebook which sparked my interest. I signed up for the Energy Bagua Basic Class. On the third day of the class, the pain in my hip joint was relieved significantly. I kept practicing Energy Bagua for two and a half years, and now, the pain is completely gone! I am glad that I did not undergo hip replacement surgery. Energy Bagua is sufficient!

I also had gastroesophageal acid reflux disease (GERD) and a burning sensation in my throat that appeared from time to time. I had gastroscopy and treatments, but they did not cure the problem; I still could not eat many delicacies. After practicing Energy Bagua for three months, the symptoms of GERD were relieved. After half a year, there was no more reflux. Now, it has been two and a half years without recurrence, and I can finally enjoy mooncakes.

After benefiting from practicing Energy Bagua, I wished more people could learn to do it. About two months later, I set up an Energy Bagua practice site near my home. At first, I practiced there by myself, but gradually, more people joined in. At the most, 30 people were practicing Energy Bagua together. When I saw the practitioners getting healthier, I became more confident. Some fellow practitioners suffering from insomnia saw an improvement after practicing for three months, and a dharma sister did not need sleeping pills after only four days of practice. Another dharma brother suffered from numbness in his toes and weakness in his legs. After practicing Energy Bagua, his toes recovered, and he regained strength in his legs.

On rare occasions fellow practitioners walk Energy Bagua with their puppies. The puppies keep pace with their owners. One puppy had a tumor as big as a ping-pong ball, but after three months of walking Energy Bagua, the tumor softened and shrank to the size of a small bean.

I am very grateful to Grandmaster for teaching us Energy Bagua. It benefited me and all those who practiced with me!

4. My period finally came and I lost 20 kg

Dharma Sister Xiong Xunyu, 38 years old, Chiayi, Taiwan

At the age of 30, my menstrual period stopped, and the condition lasted for two years. During this time, I sought help from both Western and Chinese medicine and tried menstrual-inducing medications and traditional Chinese remedies, but nothing worked. Later, my appetite increased. After seven or eight servings of breakfast, I was still not full. In the evening, after dinner, I would go out to have a midnight snack, eating until one or two in the morning. In just three to four months, my weight increased from 50 kg to 70 kg. I once suspected that my inability to control my appetite was related to mental issues, but being a nurse, I was afraid that taking the medication would cause dizziness and affect my work. At that time, I felt truly helpless and didn’t know what to do.

Later, through my aunt’s introduction, I started practicing Energy Bagua. In the beginning, due to lack of sleep, I often had headaches and my body felt heavy. I got tired and had to take a break during practice; however, I kept practicing. After three months of practice, I lost 10 kg. Then, after another three months, my weight was back to 50 kg. In just half a year, I lost a total of 20 kg. At the same time, my menstrual cycle returned, and my appetite returned to normal too. Now I feel completely rejuvenated. Not only has my physical and mental health been restored, but I also developed an interest in dressing well and enhancing my beauty. I even found a good relationship and got married! I am very grateful to Grandmaster for helping me regain health and happiness!

5. Hepatitis C, diabetes, and night sweats, etc., all seven problems improved

Xiao Xianyu, 72 years old, Chiayi, Taiwan

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C at the age of 42. After one year of treatment, my liver index returned to normal and my follow-up visits for the next few years showed everything was fine. However, at the age of 68, during a health checkup, two dark spots were found on my liver that needed to be removed. Unexpectedly, after the surgery, I felt weak and tired, and was unable to work. In response, I started following my wife to Energy Bagua practice.

Before I practiced Energy Bagua, I had problems all through my body, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, floaters, knee pain, insomnia, etc. The first time I knew something was wrong happened while I was waiting for my truck to be loaded with sand and gravel. While waiting, I needed to urinate and did so beside the road. To my surprise, I saw that a large group of ants had swarmed the spot where I had urinated. I found it strange and decided to see a doctor. After a check-up, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. However, I was reluctant to take medication. On one occasion, my post-meal blood sugar level exceeded 400. Then, while reversing my truck, I felt extremely dizzy, and in the end, the truck overturned. Furthermore, I also suffered from night sweats, and my clothes were often soaked when I woke up. Despite this, when driving the gravel truck during the day without air conditioning I didn’t sweat. Also, I couldn’t sleep at night. I could hear the birds singing outside, and I could even hear a thief attempting to steal batteries from my truck in the middle of the night and caught him in the act. My knees often hurt. I had to take hyaluronic acid to relieve the pain. My feet were also swollen, and I could only wear flip-flops. I also had floaters, constantly feeling as if many mosquitoes were flying in front of my eyes, which was very bothersome.

After practicing Energy Bagua for three months, I perspired normally during the day and would not sweat at night. I now fall asleep very quickly and sleep soundly until dawn. And, when I had a check-up, the diabetes index had dropped, and my blood sugar level after meals had also returned to normal. The knee pain, swelling on my feet, and floaters also improved. My liver index has been normal at every return visit. It has been almost two years and the problem has not recurred.

I am in good health now and so grateful to Grandmaster!

Energy Bagua quickly replenishes energy and is the most precious way of health for modern people

Hearing everyone’s sharing, Grandmaster JinBodhi was very happy and kept teaching everybody health knowledge and sharing the way of cultivation, health preservation, and longevity.

Conditions caused by insufficient energy:

Grandmaster JinBodhi also reminded everyone that insomnia, nocturia, or a decline of cognitive and physical functions may be caused because of insufficient energy. When the body’s energy level is less than half, relying solely on one’s consciousness may not be enough to control the organs and limbs, leading to conditions such as tinnitus, blurred vision, and hair loss. Only when energy is sufficient, balanced, and yin and yang are harmonized, can the organs return to a normal state. Energy Bagua can quickly replenish energy, making it the best health choice for those with insufficient energy.

Gastroesophageal reflux:

When Grandmaster heard the testimonial about gastroesophageal reflux, he also shared some common knowledge about its severity and impact on emotions. Besides practicing Energy Bagua, you can also take Pu’er tea and toasted steamed bun slices to balance stomach acid and enhance digestion. It is a magical weapon to solve gastroesophageal reflux!

How to avoid evil spirits:

During the testimonial sharing, a beneficiary talked about encountering evil spirits. Grandmaster explained that when the body’s energy is insufficient, encounters such this can happen. If one’s energy is sufficient, one can avoid the invasion of evil spirits. Practicing Energy Bagua frequently can replenish energy and keep evil spirits at bay.

Another situation where one may encounter evil spirits could be related to the karma of previous lives or the karma of ancestors. Therefore, we need to not only practice Energy Bagua to boost vitality but also accumulate more merits and virtues by helping more people. By doing so, we can avoid evil spirits and gain a more fulfilling life.

Where there is true love, there is joy and gratitude!

The effect of Energy Bagua is remarkable. In many countries and on the Internet, countless people have learned and benefited from this method. In the testimonial sharing event, many participants happily expressed their benefits to Grandmaster by holding up signs that described their improvements. Here are just some of the improvements: osteoporosis cured, no longer afraid of darkness, frozen shoulders recovered, no more calf cramps, improved circulation in hands and feet, joint pain disappeared, lower back pain improved, relief from back and leg pain, stomachache and headaches disappeared, menopause symptoms improved, and normalization of the three high indexes. The joyful audience stood up and applauded for a long time, showing their infinite gratitude to Grandmaster. Viewers online also left messages sharing their benefits with utmost sincere gratitude.

On-site and online, all the beneficiaries turned their gratitude into wishes of joining Grandmaster in promoting Energy Bagua to everyone in need and hoping everyone will obtain health, longevity, and happiness!

[Note: The effects of Energy Bagua and Bodhi Meditation practice vary from person to person.]